First two ships registered with Palau International Ship Registry

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11 October 2012 –Houston, USA – The newly formed Palau International Ship Registry is  delighted to announce that it recently processed its first two vessel  registrations at a historic inauguration ceremony.

At the ceremony, held in Singapore on 28 September, the cruise/passenger  vessels Amusement World (12, 764 GRT) and Leisure World (15, 653 GRT) were  registered and Palau International Ship Registry was officially  launched.

The event was attended by Delegate Swenny Ongidobel, Congressman, House  of Delegates, Palau National Congress; Delegate Lentcer Basilius, Congressman,   House of Delegates, Palau National Congress; Steven Kanai, Permanent  Representative of Palau to the International Maritime Organisation and  Representative of the Palau International Ship Registry in Palau; and Fermin  Meriang, Press Secretary of the Office of the  President.

Dignitaries from Universal Ship Management Pte Ltd, the company which  manages the two vessels, also attended.

Mr. Keith Lai, Executive Director of Universal Ship Management Pte Ltd,   said: “We decided to change the flag of the two passenger ships that we manage,   Amusement World and Leisure World, to the Palau International Ship Registry  because we wanted a flag that would represent quality, expertise and  professionalism and also provide a fast, efficient and reliable  service.”

President of the Republic of Palau Johnson Toribiong added: “The Republic  of Palau archipelago is like a fleet of emerald islands floating on a clear,   pristine, and peaceful ocean. Our flag, golden full moon on an ocean blue field, symbolizes beauty,   bounty, tranquillity, safety, and peace.

“In announcing the opening of the Palau International Ship Registry for  business, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our fleet personnel and  passengers, ensuring protection of environment by which our fleet traverse, and  ensuring peaceful voyages of our fleet, reflective of the Republic of Palau and  her flag.

“We are proud to say that the Palau International Ship Registry is not  just another ship registry, but, a ship registry of the highest  standard.”

The Palau International Ship Registry is an open registry that is fully  committed to quality and the principle of protecting life at sea, which is at  the heart of its mission statement. The company is headquartered in Houston, USA, with Mr John Waight  appointed as Manager Director. It is backed by a professional and experienced team who believe that its  duty is to uphold the standards set by industry bodies.

Palau is signatory of all major shipping conventions. Most importantly  Palau is one of the 30 signatory countries of the Maritime Labor Convention  2006. This confirms the Government of Palau’s commitment to ensuring that it  adheres to all major international regulations and its dedication to  safeguarding seafarers.

The Registry offers a range of services such as various types of  registration (normal, bareboat charter in and bareboat charter out),   certification of seafarers, mortgage recordation, issuance of bunker convention  and civil liability certificates, among other services. 

About the Palau  International Ship Registry

The  Palau International Ship Registry, which is headquartered inHouston, Texas, USA, is an open registry that is  committed to quality

The  Palau International Ship Registry provides administrative and technical support  to the registration of vessels under the Palau Flag. It is staffed by  professionals with high levels of technical expertise and experience in the  maritime industry

As  a member of the International Maritime Organization and signatory of all major  shipping conventions, the registry is committed to ensuring the protection of  the environment and of life at sea

Palau  is signatory of all major Conventions including SOLAS, MARPOL, Tonnage  Convention 69, Load Line Convention 66, Civil Liability Convention, Bunker  Convention 2001, SUA Convention, Salvage Convention, Anti-Fuelling Convention  and the Ballast Water Convention and the Maritime Labor Convention 2006, to name  a few. The  Palau International Ship Registry was formed following an amendment to the  Maritime Act in 2010 and the adoption of the Republic of Palau Maritime  Regulations

ThePalauInternational Ship  Registry Address: 16701GreenspointPark, Suite155 Houston, TX, 77060 Phone: +1 504 460-9487

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