Dry or wet, shipping markets are down; the world economy in turmoil and it’s for Obama to make or break…ah! and the Chinese have to deliver too…

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John Faraclas’ latest 9 minutes live interview on the 9th of November to Panos Thomakos on SBC TV dealt with:

  • The Markets and the downward trend yet again closing with the BDI 940 points… and the oversupply now being felt everywhere as Jim Davis mentioned at the 37th Annual Dinner of IMF.
  • The ecological ships which must come out and save the day.
  • The Euro and the crisis in Europe – specifically in Spain, Italy and Greece with the contagion ante portas. Faraclas’ hinted that Germany too might be engulfed with a crisis with incalculable repercussions …
  • The effect of the World Travel Market in the World’s economy and in particular to Greece.
  • The absence of a Greek negotiator to explain that the only way out is to write-off the so called Greek “debt”.
  • The issue of more free-market with respect of contracts of engagement for Greek seafarers
  • The Greek Coastal Shipping issue.
  • When challenged about the state of the shipping and the world economy he reiterated that only a war will short out the mess and poverty of nations: “War Father of all” (ancient Greek maxim).

Will revert soon with the translation.

Greek speaking viewers can click on here and listen the video here:

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