The Het Scheepvaart Museum: Maritime reality at its best!

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A view of the museum with the VOC ship "Amsterdam" at the forefront.

A view of the museum with the VOC ship “Amsterdam” at the forefront.

We devote a lot in this site on tradition and art, history and seamanship as well as on politics. Museums too are also one of our favourite subjects and themes for our viewers to learn on the world of shipping and beyond! The art of navigation and all relevant subjects are all in one exhibited in this unique museum, the National Maritime Museum of the Netherlands in Amsterdam. The sea factor was the one that made the Netherlands to be, even today, one of the rulers of the seven seas, as without the sea, there would have been no Netherlands and Het Scheepvaart Museum is the one to tell us this story.

With nearly 300, 000 globes, instruments, model boats, paintings, photographs and many other items the museum stands as the Beacon of Dutch Maritime History and Heritage.

With a simple and very ergonomic floorplan, the visitor can have even a quick look/visit – three hours or so, at the entire history of the Dutch Masters – not only the painters that everybody knows, but those who shaped the trade, commerce, shipping and history of this power nation which has links, very powerful links, on both hemispheres.

The live video above will trigger your interest and next time you visit Holland, make it a must to visit the Het Scheepvaart Museum and the replica of the VOC ship “Amsterdam” which sunk at her maiden voyage in 1749  at the south coast of England; then you will know that besides the Britannia Rule the Waves, the Golden Greeks of ten millennia, that the Dutch shipping masters have their say too in the world of shipping!

Another view of the Museum and the "Amsterdam" taken from the pier

Another view of the Museum and the “Amsterdam” taken from the pier

And don’t forget the Gift shop and the Stalpaert Restaurant at the ground floor with the delicious food sourced locally and served with excellent wine and beer (of course).-

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