Hands off the Hellenic Coast Guard!

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Hands off the Hellenic Coast Guard,  by John Faraclas

Taking advantage of an incident to serve partisan purposes, particularly when human life is involved as are the competent authorities responsible for prohibiting illegal entry into any country’s waters, and people are risking their lives too, is at “best” and “worst” simply pathetic. The Greek Opposition must grow up and stop using these dramas to try to collect votes and sympathisers!

I am referring to the latest incidents in the eastern central Aegean Sea a few days ago, and knowing what goes on, I am simply saying: Hands off the Hellenic Coast Guard!

As said above, the Greek Opposition is counting obviously on gathering more votes to the detriment of the current coalition which suppresses Greece and the Greek people – fair’s fair! The international community too, particularly in Europe and the Middle East are having their long and short say over the issue. The reality is far different. I challenge any clever Dick – sorry for the expression, but this is what they deserve to read – to verify on the spot what really happens! If the Pandora’s Box of revelations opens on this issue, even many from the military in NATO’s alliance in Brussels will resign – if they have the dignity to do so!

For a start there exists FRONTEX since 2010 – this is the agency designed to help border authorities from different EU countries work together which commenced operations on the 1st of October 2010 in Piraeus. Frontex, which is supposed to reinforce and streamline cooperation between national border authorities, will expect those concerned to put on canvas what is happening; they dead well know. Whilst these lines are written Mr. Hollande, the French President, is in Turkey and has sent a message calling for a French referendum over that country’s entry bid into the family of European nations! Well, before any second thoughts, Turkey must play by the rules, and in particular with law and order. Many of its Coast Guard personnel and “beyond”, rumours have it that they are possibly involved in this scam with trafficking illegal immigrants; plus the fact that most of them turn a blind eye to the merchants of death, the human traffickers. Another issue is that those trying to cross over to Greece are tipped that when they see the Hellenic Coast Guard’s boats or the Hellenic Navy’s ships approach, they should cut with knives the plastic boat skin, or in the case of a wooden boat sink it so that the people will be rescued and the asylum saga begins… Asylum in this particular issue is a very vague subject…Refugees will do every sort of thing to leave the Anatolian coast, given their long journey from as far away as Afghanistan  to the warm waters of the Aegean. The asylum issue is indeed very vague… Come on you all know this… As Leonard Cohen says: Everybody knows…

It is about time the European Union put an end to this inhumane situation and ordered Turkey in particular to abide by the rule of law. May I remind all that Turkey and Greece have signed a bilateral agreement in order that illegal immigrants  be returned to the country from where they came!

Equally the Lampedusa saga is another sad story. You will recall that more than 300 Eritreans died when the boat carrying them from Libya caught fire and sank off the coast of the island in October. As many more difficult issues and cases unfold in the entire Mediterranean region and the Black Sea, and as we have said lately live on our reporting on Friday the 24th of January 2014, a European Coast Guard must be created. Under the proviso of a special European Directive this would be easy to effect; the political will is important. The preamble rests with the foundation/establishment/creation or whatever you like to call it from Frontex. So what are we waiting for?

Did I hear you say Dublin II ? It is not a Greek, nor an Italian, nor Maltese, nor French, nor Spanish  problem, it is a EU problem which requires an immediate solution. As is known, the immigrants should be allocated on a formula according to the population of EU countries, or all EU countries should pay a levy to the countries which “accept” them.

The video that follows from the Hellenic Coast Guard speaks itself:

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