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EUROPE NETWoRK SAMSKIPSamskip is pleased to announce the following organisational changes within the Samskip group.

The main goal of the changes is to simplify and streamline the operations and business approach, as well as to further strengthen Samskip‘s position to even better take advantage of the many opportunities the company has at its disposal.

The following changes were announced by Ólafur Ólafsson, Chairman of the Board of Samskip Holding BV.

The shipping and multimodal systems of Samskip Hf (North Atlantic business) and Samskip Multimodal will be combined under the single Samskip brand, thus creating an even stronger market position for the business. Pulling together these two systems will further reinforce our already strong operational excellence.

All Samskip dry and reefer forwarding activities will be combined under the new brand Samskip Logistics. This will include FrigoCare, thus creating one coherent and strong business.  In recent years the forwarding businesses have been developed under both the Samskip and Samskip Icepak Logistics brands. The forwarding services have been operated through the various country organisations under the Samskip brand.

Ólafur Ólafsson, Chairman of the Board of Samskip Holding BV:

These changes are part of preparing the company for the next steps, further growth in potential markets.

In 2013, Samskip generated a profit of Euro 12.5 million with a turnover of Euro 560 million, and this is expected to exceed Euro 600 million this year with profits rising further.“

No changes will be made to Samskip‘s Executive Management consisting of Ásbjörn Gíslason, Kristinn Albertsson and Jens Holger Nielsen.

The following organisational changes will take place:

Ásbjörn Gíslason will take up the position of CEO Samskip Logistics reporting to the Board of Directors of Samskip Holding and will be responsible for all forwarding and cold store businesses outside Iceland, hereunder Samskip Icepak Logistics. Ásbjörn Gíslason will also be responsible for Samskip’s interests in Silver Sea (50%) and Silver Green (25% indirect shareholding).

Jens Holger Nielsen will take up the position of CEO Samskip reporting to the Board of Directors of Samskip Holding and will be responsible for the European multimodal and North Atlantic businesses.

A new CEO has been appointed for Samskip hf (Samskip‘s North Atlantic business). The identity of this new CEO will be revealed shortly. The CEO will report to the Board of Directors of Samskip hf. The Board of Directors of Samskip hf will consist of Jens Holger Nielsen (Chairman), Asbjorn Gislason and Vesna Nevistic. Vesna is also a newly appointed Board member of Samskip Holding where she joins Ólafur Ólafsson and Hjörleifur Jakobsson.

Ásbjörn Gíslason, CEO of Samskip Logistics:

„We see these changes as the first steps in seizing the opportunities that we envisage. We have now created a strong organisation with offices in 24 countries in five continents.  We intend to further develop global solutions with internal growth and strategic acquisitions that fit our operations.  This will be an interesting project for me personally, developing services in the economic systems where there is great growth potential.“

Jens Holger Nielsen, CEO of Samskip:

„These changes capitalise on the strength of the company and will create an enhanced platform for profitable growth, both organic and acquisitional. They will also position us further to provide cost efficient solutions for our customers.  Combining our logistics networks and systems unlocks new possibilities that will result in greater value for our customers, employees and shareholders“.

The Executive Management and the Board of Directors of Samskip Holding sees the above initiatives as a great opportunity to develop the Samskip business over the coming years at an even higher pace than the profitable growth we have produced in the past years.

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Samskip operates one of Europe’s largest multimodal container logistics systems. The Samskip system is able to move containers door-to-door between over 30 countries from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Russia, Scandinavia, Poland, the Baltic States, Finland and Iceland in the north to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south and centre of Europe.

Samskip offers a wide range of routing options, utilising road, rail, sea and inland waterways as appropriate to provide the best combination of rate and transit time to suit individual customers’ requirements and preferences. It now has at its disposal over 13, 000 containers, ranging from 20ft to 45ft pallet-wide high cube containers including reefers, curtain-siders and flat-racks.


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