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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Worldwide – Threat to small tankers
* Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Repairs to Tai Long Wan Pier, Lantau Island
* Turkey, all ports – Transit of medicine shipments
* Bunker Update – MARKET PRICE UPDATE 18/06/14

DATE: June 18, 2014
COUNTRY: Worldwide
Threat to small tankers

The ICC Commercial Crime Services’ International Maritime Bureau (IMB) is
warning small tankers to maintain strict anti-piracy measures in the South
China Sea following a spate of tanker hijackings in the region.

At least six known cases of coastal tankers being hijacked for their
cargoes of diesel or gas oil have been reported since April this year,
sparking fears of a new trend in pirate attacks in the area. Up until then,
the majority of attacks in the region were vessels boarded for petty theft.

The latest hijackings seem to follow a specific modus operandi, where armed
pirates seize a small tanker and siphon off its cargo to large bunker
barges or other small tankers in a ship-to-ship operation. In some cases
navigational equipment is destroyed but the crew are left unhurt. They then
release the hijacked vessels.

“These types of incidents are not common in this region which makes the
situation even more alarming, ” says the IMB. It has issued a warning to all
ships that these attacks have occurred against small coastal tankers
primarily in the South China Sea waters off Bintan and Bintulu islands.

“The pirates appear to be interested in oil products such as diesel oil.
One of the hijacked tankers was released quickly possibly because the
pirates realised it had the wrong type of cargo, ” notes the IMB.

On June 14, a tanker was hijacked in the South China Sea. The IMB Piracy
Reporting Centre passed on the reports to the Malaysian authorities who
along with the Republic of Singapore Navy sent patrol boats to the area.
Upon sighting the naval boats the pirates left the vessel.

On June 7 a tanker was hijacked off Bintulu Island. According to the
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), the vessel was heading
towards the port of Labuan when pirates boarded it. After locking up the 22
crew in a room, they ordered the master and chief officer to stop the
vessel. A barge alongside then siphoned-off the cargo of oil.

“Approximately 100 metric tonnes of diesel was transferred and items
belonging to the crew were stolen. The pirates also destroyed the ship’s
navigational equipment and radar system. They then instructed the master to
continue on course to Labuan. The tanker was captured for 10 hours and the
crew unhurt, ” said MMEA.

In a previous case with a similar modus operandi, a tanker, laden with a
fuel oil cargo, left Singapore on May 27 en route to Indonesia. The owners
lost contact with the vessel and informed the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre
(IMB PRC) which immediately notified all authorities and broadcast a
warning to all ships to look out for the vessel. On June 1 the vessel
safely arrived at Sriracha port in Thailand. Information from the crew
indicates that the tanker was hijacked by pirates who damaged the
communication equipment and stole its oil cargo by transferring it to large

Maritime security analysts Dryad Maritime believes the hijacking was
carried out by organised gangs involved in the marine fuel black market in
the region.

The IMB advises all ships, but particularly small tankers, to maintain
strict anti-piracy measures and vessels are advised to monitor the IMB PRC
satellite broadcast warnings via InMARSAT C EGC Safety Net and to report
all attacks and suspicious sightings to the IMB-PRC.

(For information about operations worldwide, contact the respective GAC
office. Details may be found by clicking on ‘GAC Worldwide’ at

Source: International Maritime Bureau ( briefing dated 17
June 2014

DATE: June 18, 2014
COUNTRY: Hong Kong
PORT: Hong Kong
Repairs to Tai Long Wan Pier, Lantau Island

For approximately 3 months, repair works to the Tai Long Wan Pier will be
carried out within the area bounded by straight lines joining the following
co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (D):
(A) 22 deg. 13.056’N / 113 deg. 59.944’E
(B) 22 deg. 12.981’N / 114 deg. 00.029’E
(C) 22 deg. 12.899’N / 113 deg. 59.968’E
(D) 22 deg. 12.960’N / 113 deg. 59.872’E

The works will be carried out by one derrick lighter. One flat-top pontoon,
one backhoe pontoon, one tug and one work boat will provide assistance. The
number of vessels engaged in the works will change from time to time to
suit operational requirements.

A working area of approximately 30 metres will be established around the
derrick lighter. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights
will be laid to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the
derrick lighter.

The hours of work will be from 0700 to 1900 hours. Vessels employed for the
works will stay in the works area outside the hours of work.

A silt curtain, extending from the sea surface to the seabed, will be
established within the works area. The silt curtain is a large piece of
netting used to contain mud and sediments. Yellow markers fitted with
yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the extent of the silt curtain.

Vessels engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in
international and local regulations.

Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.79 of 2014

DATE: June 18, 2014
PORT: all ports
Transit of medicine shipments

Turkey’s Ministry of Customs and Commerce has advised that the following is
required for shipments of medicine entering or leaving the country:

– Letter of undertaking that the shipment does not contain drug or
psychotropic substance, including medicine list signed by production
manager/regulatory manager of producer company or export manager of
exporter company as to medicines transit shipment.

– A pro forma invoice/invoice (with confirmed translation in case it is in
foreign language) shall be submitted to customs directorates (in a way to
state name of producer or exporter company on pro forma invoice or invoice)
and transit shipment may be realized.

– Documents such as signatory circular as to authorization may be searched
against any risky/doubtful situation or opinion may be requested from
Ministry of Health (Turkish Medicine and Medical Device Institution).

– If the medicine contains drug or psychotropic substance in the signed
Letter of undertaking by production/regulatory/export manager, it is
necessary to submit permission documents both issued by importer and
competent authorities of exporter countries.

Details of the mentioned competent authorities are stated in the
publication issued by United Nations Office of Drug and Crime and a copy of
which takes place in “Competent National Authorities under the
International Drug Control Treaties” accessible online at

Medicine aids may be sent in natural disaster and crisis situations in
medicines to be sent to other countries by passing through Turkey as
transit shipment without making application to Ministry of Health (Turkish
Medicine and Medical Device Institution). Statement of the Institution
making aid shall be adequate.

In cases where medicines subject to control are to be sent in natural
disaster and crisis situations, it shall be adequate to perform acts in
direction of guideline of “Model Guidelines for the International Provision
of Controlled Medicines for Emergency Medical Care” foreseen to be used by
competent authorities by United Nations International Narcotics Control
Board (UN-INCB) and to submit form of “Model Shipment Request/Notification
Form for Emergency Supplies of Controlled Substance” stated in the said
guideline to Customs Directorates.

In case of doubt or hesitation related to transactions stated above,
request opinion from Ministry of Health (Turkish Medicine and Medical
Device Institution).

For information about operations in Turkey contact GAC Turkey at

DATE: June 18, 2014
Bunker Update:

GAC Bunker Fuels Ltd Pricing Alert

                        180 CST   380 CST   MGO         MDO

Aberdeen                0         0         557.00      0

Aden                    735.00    675.00    1, 110.00    0

Alexandria              755.00    660.00    1, 180.00    0

Amsterdam               625.00    595.00    900.00      0

Antwerp                 625.00    595.00    902.00      0

Aqaba                   0         715.00    1, 040.00    0

Bahrain                 0         0         1, 055.00    0

Bergen                  725.00    700.00    949.00      0

Busan                   665.00    635.00    960.00      950.00

Cape Town               663.00    0         1, 000.00    0

Colombo                 680.00    660.00    1, 030.00    0

Dubai                   630.00    620.00    890.00      0

Durban                  622.00    0         1, 035.00    0

Fujairah                623.00    618.00    990.00      0

Gibraltar               715.00    684.00    958.00      0

Grangemouth             0         0         561.00      0

Hong Kong               640.00    631.00    942.00      0

Houston                 651.00    613.00    985.00      0

Istanbul                650.00    620.00    977.00      0

Jeddah                  725.00    670.00    1, 080.00    0

Kaohsiung               652.00    639.00    1, 035.00    1, 020.00

Kuwait                  0         640.00    1, 075.00    0

Leith                   0         0         559.00      0

Lerwick                 0         0         559.00      0

Malta                   734.00    720.00    934.00      0

Mersey                  0         0         564.00      0

Mumbai                  644.00    634.00    1, 090.00    0

New York & New Jersey   680.00    625.00    1, 010.00    0

Panama                  705.00    619.00    1, 030.00    0

Piraeus                 725.00    703.00    951.00      0

Port Louis              692.00    0         1, 040.00    0

Port Said               755.00    670.00    1, 080.00    0

Qatar                   0         0         940.00      0

Richards Bay            632.00    0         1, 049.00    0

Rio de Janeiro          634.00    611.00    970.00      0

Rotterdam               626.00    596.00    899.00      0

Salalah                 725.00    670.00    1, 135.00    0

Shanghai                660.00    639.00    1, 080.00    0

Sharjah                 630.00    620.00    890.00      0

Singapore               630.00    614.00    922.00      0

Sohar                   0         640.00    1, 015.00    0

St Petersburg           515.00    420.00    864.00      0

Stavanger               0         0         959.00      0

Suez                    750.00    670.00    1, 080.00    0

Sunderland              0         0         560.00      0

Thames                  0         0         567.00      0

Walvis Bay              689.00    0         1, 032.00    0

West Africa OFFSHORE    0         680.00    1, 020.00    0

Present in seven locations worldwide, GAC Bunker Fuels, part of the GAC
group, is a global broker and trader of marine fuels and lubricants.

The prices listed are for indication purposes only, and local offices
should be approached directly for firm prices.

Middle East & Africa:
Egypt & Mediterranean:
Asia Pacific:
Indian Subcontinent:

Contact Martyn McMahon on +971 566032534 or quoting
HPN for more information or with your bunker enquiry.

GAC is the world’s leading provider of services and solutions for the
global Shipping, Logistics and Marine industries.


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