Further dropping of the shipping markets…

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John Faraclas - photo by Panos J. Tsakos

John Faraclas, London – photo by Panos J. Tsakos

With a 66, 35 percent downfall, since the end of December 2013 (when the BDI stood at 2, 227 points), the BDI is collapsing further, and the 800 barrier, as envisaged last week has gone; the 700 is very near  to be broken too…

This is our twenty-seventh overview today Friday the 18th of July 2014 of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk with John Faraclas in sunny and sticky London.

  • The BDI closed down 6 points since yesterday at 732 which is also 82 points down since last week’s 814 points, suggesting worsening of the dry sector…
  • The BCI, closed down 13 points to 1, 235,  which is 230 points down since last week’s 1, 465 points!!!
  • The BPI was also down at 586 points, a further 17 points since yesterday but also down 93 points since last week’s 679 points…
  • The BSI was down at 659 points, just one point down since yesterday but also 20 points down since last week’s 679 points!
  • The BHSI also down at 372, also one pint since yesterday but 22 since last week’s 390 points.

So overall, once again: a collapsing dry market! The message, remains the same alike last week: Be ready for every eventuality! Imagine a 500 points BDI; let’s hope NOT as there will be an unprecedented evolution of other events…

  • The wets at least  did better for nearly a third week in a row with the BDTI closing up at 896 points since its last published, i.e: 12 points up and also overall  122 points up since last weeks 774 points. Equally the BCTI was up at 539, 10 points since the last published  which is 15 points up since last week! Cross your fingers as if the levels for both go over the 1, 000 point mark, something good will come out of it. Also due to geopolitical issues there is an extra demand; don’t forget this

Once again we reiterate our view that this is the best market even for new start-ups!

The World Stage now:

What a mess following the MH-17; another carnage in the name of peace… War, war, war. My alter ego tells me we are already in WWIII… Malaysia Airlines will now have to face a Sisyphean task, equally the entire world. These two very close incidents that of  MH-370  and MH-17 will be costly to all intents and purposes… Indeed the shit will hit the fan…

  • Iraq: Going steadily for yet a big confrontation…
  • Ukraine: As we said last weekwill produce further tremors, as it becomes the “fault” line of the East and West. Except further mess!!!”; our prediction was verbatim correct!
  • The Middle East,  meaning the Arab-Israeli conflict which has begun two/three weeks now will further destabilize the entire area AND, yes with capital letters, the periphery…  It is too much and expect unpredictable effects.
  • The Far East continues its troubles and on top of everything else we had the bad weather in the Philippines…. South China Sea, with China, Vietnam, the Korea saga, Japan and the rest in the region ready for an all-out melee will become a big headache for President Obama and his successor…
  • Europe still tries to gets its act together and the Euro Zone tries to become a bit more Helvetic… The social explosion is still on the cards and we will continue to warn you of the coming side effects, given also the Ukrainian saga… indecision on three more top jobs, that of the Foreign Policy maestro, that of the president of the European Council and  lastly on who to preside over the finance ministers… Add the immigration issues et al and see for yourself what’s next…Long live America…
  • As we repeatedly mentioned, even in our last week’s report the “Threats for attacks by terrorists et al are on the way and lets be on alert. Not a nice time amidst the summer vacation…”, and it happened with the MH17 flight of Malaysian Airlines… unfortunately,  we were once again verbatim right.

We need peace as those of you who  interrupt travelling for touristic purposes and leisure, they will interrupt our shipping business travel, they put our seafarers at risks and their families will go berserk if something happens.

  • The Greeks are doing their best but let’s be on guard there. The Greek economy can develop only through real privatisations, the oil and gas industries and it goes without saying the full activation of the Athens Stock Exchange; the potential is there!!! Shipping is Shipping!
  • Germany did the trick and won the World Cup in Brazil offering a great gift for Angela Merkel’s 60th birthday…, but Argentina was great too! Brazil though had its day but I sincerely hope in a very short period of time the Brazilian soccer samba will be celebrating yet again!
  • Tip for your summer vacation: Cyprus, the jewel of East Mediterranean! Remember also that WISTA International AGM and Conference takes place between 8-10 October this year where Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou and her WISTA-Cyprus team promises a great event to all intents and purposes. Shipping Connects.; Indeed the dot that connects!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the summer break which really begins now;

You can also log on to see the live video too herebelow:


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