Natural Gas takes the front stage as fossil fuel for sustainable energy development

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globalprplusJuly 28, 2014 Houston TX (GLOBALPRPLUS) The August Edition of USA Oil and Gas Monitor 2014 is out today. Indeed, it goes without saying that there is abundance of natural gas across the globe and the call for cleaner alternative to oil fuel, CO2 and GHG emission is making gas not only the fuel of the future but also the fuel of the moment.

To buttress this assertion, Jérôme FERRIER Senior Vice President Corporate Total said, “Natural gas has become a clean and economic alternative to drive mobility today. The fuel has become a natural part choice available across the globe for individual and public transportation, heavy duty trucks, as well as maritime and air transportation”.

In this edition – read about what to expect in the upcoming world Gas conference in Paris June 1-5, 2015 as Jérôme FERRIER-President International Gas Union shed more light, in an interview with USA Oil and Gas Monitor.

The transportation industry has profoundly benefitted from efforts to reduce emissions and from innovations in uses of natural gas as motor fuel. The fuel has become a natural part choice available across the globe for individual and public transportation, heavy duty trucks, as well as maritime and air transportation.

A CNG vehicle has the following advantages on traditional fossil based fuels: It produces 20% less CO2, It is quieter and generates less vibrations, it produces less odor and harmful particles than a traditional diesel engine.

In this edition- read about LNG Blue Corridor – a project promoted by the European Union to demonstrate the LNG as alternative fuel for medium and long distance transportation.

Despite the abundance of natural gas, the Canadian natural gas vehicle market is being hampered by lack of infrastructure, read the report put out by FC gas intelligence on this issues in this edition.

The quest for zero incidence in the workplace – has made OSHAssociation USA to hold its Safety Conference in Houston to address these issues, with former OSHA Administrators as one of its speakers. At the same, Andrew Hopkins Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Australian National University in Canberra opines that Safety culture do not work. He will be speaking at 3rd Annual Offshore Safety Conference- read about his thought on safety culture in this edition.

The largest world post-combustion carbon capture retrofit project is being built in the USA. The Petra Nova Project will use this cutting edge technology to help decrease the power plant’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more about what is happening across the globe in the upstream sector, natural gas, and shale developments in this news pack edition.
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