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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

This week’s slight improvement in the dry market cannot be taken as something encouraging; on the contrary: caution and alert should be exercised!  Modern tonnage is still needed, tonnage with the new rues!!!! As for the wets… a downfall is more than evidence; caution too! The reporting media should be careful not to give unfounded hopes; the media and analysts should be more than cautious and serious this time, as they make it overall a mess in the last 15 years…

This 1, 155 points of the BDI is still 1, 092 points below the closing of December 2013, a 48.6   percent down level and a long way to go to a really break even market! Please do see our last week’s opening para and once again refresh your memory…

The Shipping Stock Markets aren’t that good either. Many companies will go under; remember this. Already many banks have distressed tonnage and don’t have a solution, believe you me…

This is our thirty-fourth overview of the shipping markets and geopolitics, today Friday the 5th of September 2014, the news with John Faraclas still in Athens:

  • The BDI closed up eight points since yesterday Thursday the 4th  of September at 1, 155 points which is also only eight points up since last week’s 1, 147 points entering the fourth week above the 1, 000 point mark, despite continues hiccups  Again the capers and the panamaxes did it but the other two dry indices were also on a plus mood. Smiles?
  • The BCI closed up 19 points since yesterday at 2, 483, but 144 points down since last week’s 2, 627 points; did I hear you say volatility?
  • The BPI was up four points since yesterday at 931 points which is  60 points up since last week’s closing at 871; a small rise…
  • The BSI was up  four points at 997 which is 27 points plus since last week’s 970 points….and
  • The BHSI was up just three points since yesterday at 469 which is also 27 points up alike the BSI since last week!  

Once again we repeat: caution. We must exercise considerable control of feelings and expectations as things are not that rosy…

The wets on the other hand, as mentioned in the opening paras of this report, where both on a dropping …mood again with the BDTI down five points since yesterday but also another 45 points to 677 from last week’ s 722 points! The cleans where down one point to 562 since yesterday but up 15 since last week’s 547 points.

The World Stage now:

  • Ukraine: Still a long way to go. Will NATO flex its muscles? That’s the wonder! Too many summits can cause side effects! Solution please! Diplomats and strategists: make or break, or …at least don’t lie and make sure you don’t come back with silly stories… or better say the truth of where we (you) are heading and what you really really want or face the music. You make it a mess in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq to name a few issues… Sanctions against Russia…? For over 70 (seventy) years the Soviet people  lived in austerity; you dead well know what I mean…
  • The Middle East and its periphery: Too difficult solutions given the complexity and inabilities to exercise a proper policy. I don’t know what they are talking in Wales these days during the summit, but… be on guard… for every messy eventuality!
  • Libya: Opss!
  • Europe tries to find solutions but too many cooks spoil the broth! Still: Greece is the country to watch!
  • The Far East: Interesting things will soon enfold!
  • In Africa the Ebola deadly virus needs swift action to avoid unpleasant spreading surprises! Shipping can be affected. Seafarers et al are in danger!
  • The high alert continues and same options should be watched worldwide, not just in the UK and countries on ISIS target list…

On another tone now…

  • The tenth tip for your summer vacation: South Africa;   Make sure you visit Cape Agulhas too, the geographic southern tip of Africa and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.It might be winter down there, but that’s a change… Have fun!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are!

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