The Dry markets dive below the 1, 000 points; the wets though…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

After nine weeks finally the dry market with its BDI index went under the 1, 000 points, conforming our view that there isn’t sustainable; no strength at all.. 

In this thirty-ninth  weekly recapitulation of the markets and world geopolitics affecting same, tonight Friday the 10th  of October 2014 John Faraclas and AllAboutShipping in Limassol, present you their view and what to expect…

This 963 points of the BDI’s closing earlier this afternoon, is minus 11 points since yesterday Thursday the 9th of October, and 74 points down since last week’s 1, 037 points, a 1, 284 points fall from December 2013 closing of 2, 247 points – that’s a 55 plus percent fall!

  • The BCI closed down 36 points since yesterday at 1, 544 which is 214 points down since last week’s 1, 758 points…
  • The BPI was up just one point at 865 points since yesterday, which is 22 points down since last week’s 887 points…
  • The BSI was down ten points at 970 which is 58 points down since last week’s 1, 028  points…
  • The BHSI was down four points at 516 and 14 since last week’s 530 points..

So once again, for a third week in row, a downward dry market.-

  • The wets on the other hand where on an “upwards”, mood, the dirty and its respective index, the BDTI, closed up 10 points at 674, which is 35 points since last week’s 639. The cleans and the respective BCTI closed up two points at 576, which is just one point up since last week’s 575; so there is something to “celebrate” in the wets; excellent…

On the World Stage now:

Ukraine: policing the border with Russia looks grossly inadequate for the OSCE according to the Americans… there is a long way to go and what will happen with the Moldova-Trans Dniester issue (there is not an if, there is when this explodes). So be prepared…

The Middle East and its periphery is getting into more mess! Very simply: we need an agenda, with precision on timing to end/to finish off these terrorists and their tactics. The ISIS or ISiL is causing us more than a harmful situation.

Libya: The mess continues; stay on guard for more….

Europe: the austerity and financial mess continues – not to mention the political one, and unless a “Constitution” is drawn to curb wrong interpreted politics and policies, we are sorry, but more mess is to come….

The “Far East with the Hong Kong saga still on, will produce a big shake up in the region…” was our last weeks note; now there is another major rally to come, and again: difficult times ahead particularly trying to “redefine” what Democracy they priest over there…

The Ebola saga… with Spain issuing tough controls and others seems to follow suit… The spread is there. We repeat: Lets do the utmost to contain same!!!

WISTA-Cyprus 2014 International Conference 7-10 October 2014 just ended. It was on all counts a super event. All issues of the Maritime Industry where discussed and indeed Shipping Connected us as never before. We will revert with a full report and live videos on it.

The Maria Tsakos/Capital Link event on the 8th of October was a success and will soon bring you the deliberations there…

Remind you the three events of Capital Link; one in New York on 23 October under “Dissect ETF’s Forum”, then 4th Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR forum in London and the New York event on the 1st of December on the 16th Annual Greek Investors Forum. Book early to avoid disappointment…

Don’t miss Intermodal Europe 2014 on the 11-13 November in Rotterdam Ahoy; a promising as always event!

Cadwallader’s event by the London Shipping Law Centre is on the 25th of November and it looks its fully booked; try to test your luck and participate in this unique biennial event.

On another tone now…the sixteenth tip for our summer vacation, is  Cyprus yet again; being still on the island and seen the latest here, we invite you to come and enjoy the 365 days of tranquil holidays.

Enjoy the weekend!

You can log on here below to watch the live video:

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