The Year of the Ship…err the Sheep has something to offer:…a plus two for the ailing BDI…

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London - The Baltic Exchange

London – The Baltic Exchange

At least from what they say things should start to calm down during the Year of the Sheep. Friendlier people, diplomatic success in resolving issues, calmer situations following the Arab Spring; better weather and the markets might get better. We shall see, as if the above prognosis happens, oh well… will go for the sheeps, cattle carriers would be the name of the game. If not, then the shit will hit the fan to all intents and purposes – and I will stick to this! John Faraclas writes:

Our ailing dry market closed up today with the BDI at 511, a …good…plus two points. The BSI, the BPI, the BHSI were also on a …plus mood at 267 (+7), 516 (+2) and 483 (+5) respectively. That gave more or less these valuable and physiological two points to the BDI, as the Capers and the respective BCI fall another 25 points, down to 539!!!! (Yes, four exclamation marks).

The wets had once again mixed pickings on the reverse this time: The Dirties with their respective BDTI was up four points at 845, but the Cleans and its BCTI where down four at 591 points.

The price of oil slides a bit, a wait and see geopolitical game… Add the coming dire straits game… Who strangulates whom and why – but what will be the end result? Opting for the Alternative Sources of Energy (something I greatly endorse and support), will see big money changing hands as we have enough from all those opportunists – from wherever they emanate! Imagine the ailing Greek Economy to be allowed to export its oil reserves… that will be a slap in the face to all those “powerful” glitterati on all blocks of ideologies and business… just imagine. The pipe lines, will just remain vulnerable pipelines…

Enjoy the evening as well as the long weekend and the Chinese new Year celebrations lasting until forty days they tell me… nearly three billion trips within China only will see all public transport there gaining financial momentum… add the air-tips inn all the Chinese periphery which affects nearly two billion people and see what you get! Be on guard for what will be the next from Germany on Greece, but it’s the Greek Heroes that world history knows of…

Happy New Chinese Year, All the very best for The Year of the Sheep*

* some call it The Year of the Goat…

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