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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our twelve weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, on yet another special Friday, the 20th of March 2015, the day of yet another great solar eclipse, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI closed earlier on three points up since yesterday Thursday the 19th March 2015 at 591 points which is 29 points up since last week’s 562 points!   Despite the plus symbol on all Baltic indices (see below) on top of Stagnation and Unsustainability, Uncertainty is the name of the game! Today’s eclipse is a strange factor; remember this!
  • The BCI closed up 16 points at 423 up 45 since last week’s 378  points but still very very low…
  • The BPI was up just four points at 617 which is a 32 points plus since last week’s 585 points; still climbing…
  •  The BSI was up eight points at 635 which is 29 points up since last week’s 606 points…
  •  The BHSI was up just one point at 384 points which is 16 points up since last week’s 368 points…

The wets on a downfall…

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was down 11 points since last published at 772 points, which is 44 points down since last week’s 816points.; the Cleans and the respective BCTI was also falling down eight points since last published which is also 22 points down since last week’s 710…

Difficult times are ahead, there are rumours of a looming crisis; only a handful of companies are doing well and support the charter rates, as most do these days. We insist though that this is the best time to get in the business and for those with funds readily available to proceed with newbuildings or five year old distressed tonnage; wet or dry doesn’t matter. Containerships too are a good bargain!

Geopolitics continue to be as messy as ever:

  • Ukraine continues to live in uncertainty. Wonder the “final” peace deal, as Russia …err Putin is flexing his muscles… Sanctions you said…?
  • Germany plays with fire on all fronts and it is to the benefit of the German people to whisper to Angela Merkel’s ears to reason with the total situation in the Eurozone and strike a just deal with Greece on all fronts, repeat in all fronts, otherwise expect Europe to fall apart. Greece too and its newly elected lefty populist government should understand that technically yes they hold power, in reality if they don’t deliver for the benefit of all, repeat all Greeks and care only for the promises to get voters, they will be spectacularly ousted as arrogance has an end…Humanitarian Crisis in Greece is one thing (and it exists), allocating the real victims, is yet another!!! Never forget this!
  • Transparency is a must all over the world. Let’s see the issues of Transparency in Greece and Germany; deep down please. Then we will let you talk… or better say: see who is talking!
  • The Middle East with the ISIS saga still on must end; when are we going to smash them… and also…
  • …Terrorists who now have disturbed Tunisia!!!The 18th of March events must be closely monitored and we care a lot as shipping is involved, needless to say the Cruise industry can suffer too…
  • Another terrorist attack, suicide bombers this time killed 126 people and wounded many others in a double mosques attack in Yemen….
  • Migration and that of … Illegal Immigrations and human trafficking…issues will be again on the rise. Italy for many reasons is on a military air and naval alert and rightly so, as terrorists will try to hit…
  • Is it true that a missile fragment was found at the crash site with respect the MH17 flight? The truth please!
  • Japan and China held their first talks on security since 2011 trying to ease tensions for disputed territories, little but important islets!
  • The UK’s budget proved a good reconditioning for the British Economy and a plus for the forthcoming General Elections; the Tories have to work hard though, they must!
  • The FTSE at a record high, first time above the 7, 000 point mark, 7, 022.51!!! Great! (last one was 6, 949.63 on 24 Feb 2015).
  • Ebola still looms in the background; caution worldwide!
  • Boko Haram in Nigeria and the mass grave found there at Damasak will create further trouble…
  • The US president Barack Obama tries hard for a historic deal with Iran and its nuclear activities; we shall see…
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains in power after an exciting elections result; and now what?
  • The 9th Capital Link’s Shipping  & Offshore Forum begins in New York this coming Monday the 23rd of March at the Metropolitan Club; don’t miss the debates!
  • Intermodal Asia 2015 opens up on he 24th of March in Shanghai; the great three day event!
  • The WISTA-Hellas Dinner Dance 2015 taking place on Friday the 27th of March at the Athens Hilton promises to be another successful event!

You can watch live the video herebelow; enjoy the weekend.

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