The shipping markets volatile environment; a warning to be on guard…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our twentieth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, tonight Friday the 15th of May 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in Athens.

  • The BDI was down three points since yesterday at 634 which, on the other hand is 60 points plus since last week’s 574 points, thanks to the Capers’ rally… Volatility at its best!
  • The BCI 2014 was down 18 points since yesterday at 945 points and 329 points  plus since last week’s 616 points! A very surprising for the lot event, but not for us, as volatility is yet an apparent factor…Don’t count your eggs before they are thatched…
  • The BPI was down one point at 579 and 15 points down since last week’s 594 points. Caution yet again…Please do read our last week’s view on this size and its future…
  • The BSI was up just two points at 628 points and 10 points plus since last week’s 618 points. Difficult times for this size too…
  • The BHSI was up just a point since yesterday at 327 which is minus two points since last week’s 329 points… An overall significant decline here…

You might see a plus overall figure, but still, not a sustainable market… When we see the 2, 000 points, then we can take it easy…When this happens? Posidon, the sea-god knows best…

Again, a “different” story for the upwards wets:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was up 45 points at 806 which is 32 points up since last week’s 774!
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up 10 points at 637 which a plus of 14 points since last week’s 623 points.-
  • The price of oil on the rise,   that’s good news, but not for all… With the Brent close to US$60, the oil saga continues…
  • Geopolitics in a total mess: Ukraine, Greece, the Migrants issue, China in an expansional mood,  the Nepal Earthquakes continue, and other problems in the world continue, so be cautious.
  • Coming up:
  • The London Shipping Law Centre’s forthcoming event “Sanctions and Shipping – Where are we now?” – 18th May at Clyde & Co will offer all the very best on the issue!!! Log on our respective UPCOMING Events sector or at the LSLC banner on top of the site’s page, and book your participation.
  • INTERTANKO’s 45th Anniversary with a super Conference on 19-22 May is coming up, as well as other events in Athens.
  • ESPO 2015 in Piraeus on 21-22 May… Expected to be the event of events on the ports and terminal matters!
  • Again, check our UPCOMING Events button on top of this page…
  • The Economist event in Athens, the 19th Roundtable with the Government of Greece which ended a few minutes ago, was a great two day event and it will be the talk of the town for many weeks to come!

Visit Greece and its Islands, take a cruise to the Greek Archipelaga; have the time of your life!!

Have a nice weekend,

Viewers can also listen to the live video here below:

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