The Shipping Markets: enter the dire straits…and mind the gap, , .err the pipelines and…streams

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our twenty-second weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, today Friday the 29th of May 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in Athens.

  • The BDI was up just one point since yesterday standing at 589 points, which  is three points up since last week’s 586 points; nothing to be excited for given the market’s blur picture and general outlook! Be on guard with the unexpected geopolitical changes…
  • The BCI 2014 was down seven points since yesterday at 810 points which is 106 points down since last week’s 916 points; a very questionable size…always volatile!
  • The BPI was down just one point at 524 points which is 25 points down since last week’s 549 points. Caution once again…
  • The BSI up just five points at 347 points which is 20 points up since last week’s 327 points; something to ….celebrate for! and finally the
  • BHSI was up three points at 331, which is four points up since last week’s closure at 327 points!

An overall week market!!!

Once again, a “different” story and a mixed picture for the … wets:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was down 3 points at 865 which is 53 points down since last week’s 918 points.
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up 28 points at 690  points which is 22 points plus since last week’s 668 points.-
  • The price of oil remains more or less the same at US$ 60… lets see the energy jargon how it develops!
  • Geopolitics continue in a total mess – worse than last week:
  • Top on the agenda stands Ukraine – getting as we have predicted, from worse to worse, Greece continues a totally and unprecedented lefty loony unprofessional approach on the negos issue and Europe’s (and the IMF’s totally wrong approach and behaviour), the gains and despicable behaviour of the Islamic State, and the Migrants issue, now an international problem with incalculable reperccursions, the Chinese expansionism in South China Sea, the African are governing the world news !!!  
  • The 3rd Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum was a total success; a very interesting two days event at the Athens International Conference Centre – Megaron. Add the unique dinner at the Vouliagmeni Lake…
  • The European Maritime Day 2015 again at the Megaron was also a great two-days event at the same place, but with fewer attendees – I guess the organisers must find why so low turn-out. Most importantly the presence of members from UGS and the GSCC can be characterised as absolutely ultra low…close to zero!
  • The 5th Blue Shipping Summit 2015 at the Apollo Divani was yet one the best in tandem events by Mare Forum and Blueship!! Caution though as many evens happened to …suffer from the overlapping factor… Piraeus must get a Conference and Exhibition Centre to stage all these events, it is about time. No further excuses!!!!
  • The Bureau Veritas AGM and other events  22- 24 of May, last weekend, in Chios, Greece, where one of the ever best  – no doubt the environment, the unique venues – The Argentikon, The Tsakos Foundation, Karfas Karatzas’ restaurant launch hosted by Chartworld and other members events with a more than hospitable environment as well as  excursions gave it another dimension; well done and congrats !!! We had a hiccup despite our flight of fancy…
  • Again, check our UPCOMING Events button on top of this page…

Visit Greece and its Islands,  and carry on your Greek island hopping; have the time of your life!! Try the green Samos Island and taste its excellent cuisine and sweet wines…

Finally a reminder that today 562 years ago the fall of Constantinople, the city of cities, marked a major change in world geopolitics and caution must be observed as the situation in the wider Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea too, is more than overcrowded and the drums of war can be heard.

Have a nice weekend, quite a long one for the Greeks!

You can also view the live video herebelow:

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