Hooray, the BDI …makes waves!

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our twenty-fifth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, today Friday the 19th of June 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI, the Baltic Dry Index, was up six points since yesterday Thursday the 18th of June standing at 779 points, which is 137 points up since last week’s 642. A good sign going above the 700 points, but still the global outlook is very bleak, so be prepared for everything…
  • The BCI 2014 was up seven points since yesterday at 1, 241 points, which is 421 points up since last week’s 820 points; an as always very questionable size…always volatile!
  • The BPI was up 4 points at 851 and 132 plus points since last week’s  719 points! Our preferred size continues to make steady and positive waves…
  • The BSI up six points at 721, which is 43 points up since last week’s 678; and  finally the
  • BHSI was up four points at 355 which is 17 points up since last week’s 338 points.-

Overall still an “upwards” dry market… but lets see if it looses its steam… The wets now:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was up 42 points at 1, 011 which is 103 points up since last week’s 908 points.  Good to see the one thousand point barrier …conquered…
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up just two points at 789 and 64 points up since last week’s 725 points!
  • The price of oil dropped a bit and it seems something big is coming up with the energy jargon… Once again, below the US$ 60 mark leaves a great number of questions still unanswered!

The Geopolitics front remains more or less as dangerous as ever…

  • Ukraine – still top of the agenda… An all out conflagration shouldn’t be ruled out… The build up is there, everybody knows…We have warned you on this from the very beginning the “crisis” begun! It was an expected development…
  • The Greek suspense continues and it might turn for all very sour. Aesop’s fables will tell you all about it… The most important issue is for the media to stop pestering the Greek public; too much of a hype, lies and a sell-out of conscience. As we have stressed, we need to see the famous media gliteratti invite both sides on TV and short it out, as the way things are being said by each side on a separately context is lies, damn lies, accusations and contra accusations. Shame, and it costs an arm and a leg to pay all the media’s people… to air all these nonsense! The newly elected Greek President is determined to keep Greece in the Euro and Europe. NATO is very much concerned too… if Greece’s new government pushes too much, things can get really tough for the entire world. A just solution please! There can’t be any agreement whatsoever from both sides; a forced one could be the preamble of a total mess within the next six months! A pause though can be good for the …warring ones too! People from both sides must come down to their senses before they come down to their knees. It’s a pity for the public to suffer!
  • Last night’s gathering of the sensible pro-Euro and pro-European conventional Athenians in front of their parliament  at  Constitution Square, was more than  a great success: the message too. What a demo that was with women at the forefront! Modern Lysistratas you say…! Watch this space!
  • Tsipras meeting with Putin and others in St. Petersburg  today, quite a nice propaganda and … a defiance for internal use, as always…. Politicians and in particular Prime Ministers must perform more wisely… The public and in particular the Greek public’s reaction could soon be a rocking one for Mr. Tsipras. Things can get sour just like that! Expect all five: A snap election, a referendum, a technocrats team to govern  Greece until all is streamlined, a social upturn, a military coup: the choice is…yours Mr. Tsipras!
  • BREXIT is not on, yet…. Mr. Cameron knows the game well enough to ensure a smooth term on all fronts! With Royal Ascot on, its going to be a very special weekend ending!
  • Syria, Libya, Iraq still on a destruction modus… The whole North Africa Middle East is  in flames… Caution, as otherwise  emergency crisis management will be futile…
  • In Africa the mysteries continue… Nigerian refineries are to reopen… President Obama’s visit in Ethiopia, quite a good challenge.
  • The Far East with China as ever eager to conquer various targets things might get sour…
  • The Migrants issue got off hand everywhere with thousands crossing everyday to Europe from the Anatolian coast. Can Turkey for once becomes serious or else…
  • The SEA Games in Singapore were second to none! A great success! Singapore is coming up  in all fronts, so does the entire region!
  • The Islamic State advances; time please! When are the Americans and their allies going to step-in and show determination like stealths ? We still maintain the view of a pre-emptive strike in all fronts!
  • Hilary Clinton made a good start; tough times ahead though…

Capital Link’s CSR in Athens this coming Thursday the 25th of June, promises, under the circumstances, to be an interesting event!

After suggesting Chios and Samos Islands, Amorgos and Astypalea in the central/eastern Aegean, the Saronic Gulf’s jewel Spetsae, we propose Gavdos south of Crete, and Karpathos /Kassos just east of Crete; a unique experience for both islands!

Have a nice weekend and be on guard vis-a-vis the Greek tragedy; things as said above will turn sour no matter the result; remember this, as you haven’t seen anything yet, nor we repeat in Ukraine…

Don’t forget that on Sunday is Father’s Day!

Viewers can watch the live video herebelow:

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