Greek Referendum: Tragedy at its best – update

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The 62 / 38 centum result of the Greek referendum last Sunday will create the worst ever situation for the Greek people, and for Europe too… but for the latter, to a minor extent. John Faraclas writes:

The result and the follow-up of the negotiations will soon open not only the Pandora’s Box of revelations, but things will go beyond any human imagination.

Resignations and new teams of negotiators and ministers, unless there is a clear mandate, scope and purpose and a devotion to save Greece and its people and not the Syriza party, are effectively null and void; remember this.

We are closely watching the events, for which we were always right in our predictions, and in particular we are receiving business messages regarding the problems currently being unfolded which are detrimental for the Greek economy and will create havoc.

The Lefty Looney rhetoric from Syriza in particular must end as Nemesis will strike its perpetrators too; in the same way as it does right now with the “old guard” of the centre/right and centre/left previous Greek administrations.

Moreover the geopolitical instability in the area is growing to dangerous levels with Turkey and Albania, not to mention others in the region, escalating their provocations.

We are offering our good offices to assist with others too the Greek Prime Minister in his efforts to obtain a viable solution on all pending matters; the ball is in his court and he must stand up to the circumstances – no excuse will be allowed if he doesn’t achieve with his team the best solution for the Greek people, always within the EURO!  Add the much needed reforms and privatisations and Greece will enter a better era for its people!

From what is evident, it seems that any wrongdoing due to internal political reasons, will be answered one day in the most “unjust” way!

We have warned you; we, we, we will rock you!


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