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The panellists

The panellists

A “Friendly Society of the 21st  Century which will bring together people, think tanks, groups and political parties in an effort to create a productive and innovative Greece”; this is how Prof. George Bitros, president of the its steering committee,  “branded” ALMA ANAPTIXIS (The Leap for Development), an initiative in which academics and people from the “continuous” developing  free enterprise economy participate.

Yesterday, at the auditorium of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens, ALMA ANAPTIXIS  organised a forum/debate on “Figthing Unemployment: proposals for an exit from the Crisis and Development”

The Panellists:

  • Nikos Vernicos, economist, shipowner and president of the ICC;
  • Panagiotis Gennimatas, honorary vice president of the EIB;
  • Anna Diamantopoulou, former minister and former commissioner of Greece in the EU,   president for the Reforms Network in Greece and Europe;
  • Petros Doukas, former undersecretary of economy and author;
  • Stathes Kalyvas, professor of political science at Yale University;
  • Manos Konsolas, assistant professor at the University of the Aegean, MP for Nea Demokratia for the Dodekanesse, and
  • Konstantinos Lambrinopoulos, president of the Hellenic Management Association, presented their ideas and successful practices which, with cost and in a few months could transform Greece from a pariah member-nation of European Union, to a champion of Development.

All panellists underlined the catastrophic influence of the state for the Greek economy and demanded the creation of a national action plan which will change the current production model of Greece with deep down reforms of the Public Sector, including  fast track process in licensing, legal simplicity and speedy judicial framework, the lifting of subsidies’ twists which affect the economy, and in general, the creation of a stable tax, economic and political environment which is the most important provision in attracting investments.

The success story of Greece’s specialist performance in the Shipping field was presented and analysed, these unique KPI’s, which brings Greek Shipping today in controlling the 17% of the world shipping transportation. Greek Shipping contributes an enviable 13 to 19 billion Euros per anum to Greece’s GDP and can offer within a small space of time 75, 000 direct and 535, 000 indirect jobs respectively, if the current obsolete legislation and unionist destructive dominance changes.

The panellists presented the sectors were Greece has a strategic advantage and demanded the liberalisation of the labour market – its “super-regulation” having the opposite effects for the Greek economy from “those envisaged”… They also condemned SYRIZA’s governance stagnation which created the loss of 40, 000 jobs from the major public works sector, the loss of 115 million daily wages from the stoppage of the works at the Astir Vouliagmeni  (Hotel complex) and Ellinikon (former Athens airport), and in total the damage of 200 billion Euros to the Greece’s economy. They also asked that the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funds to be allocated for furthering the healthy entrepreneurship and not to be given for a temporarily financial assistance to companies seeking votes!

The forum/debated lasted three hours and ended with participation of the large audience’s questions and position statements.

Watch this space!

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