IUMI calls for stronger measures to prevent cargo theft

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IUMI President Dieter Berg at the podium

IUMI President Dieter Berg at the podium

Reacting to an alarming increase in cargo thefts globally, the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is calling for the introduction of a range of measures to help reverse this worrying trend.

In a position paper published at today’s IUMI conference in Berlin, the association points out that cargo theft is no longer confined to high-value goods and that online trading platforms are encouraging the crime.

Håkan Nyström, a member of IUMI’s Political Forum and the presenter of the position paper at today’s conference said:

 “There is a market for any kind of stolen goods and online platforms are making it easy to trade these products openly. The impact on the economy is huge. Back in 2008 the EU estimated the annual economic damage to Europe was EUR 8.2 billion and this figure must be vastly increased today. Comparable numbers are not available for Africa, Americas or Asia but we believe these regions are suffering in the same way”.

Although IUMI applauds the preventative measures implemented already –  including the security standards being promoted by the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) –  the organization wants more action. Specifically:

•    Relevant national authorities should develop and share an overview of cargo theft in their country. Based on this, they should initiate a dialogue with local insurers and other stakeholders to identify initiatives to deal with crime hotspots.
•    Improve law enforcement through transnational coordination and cooperation between countries and national police forces.
•    Create special police units and specialized departments of public prosecution to deal with cargo crime.
•    Pay close attention to on-line platforms trading stolen cargo. Also give specific attention to cyber fraud including electronic bills of lading and permits.
•    Increase police presence in public traffic areas.
•    Create a network of high-security truck parks.

“We believe that many of these crimes are highly organized with goods being stolen to order”,  says Håkan Nyström. “We recognize that resources are always limited, but introducing this package of measures would, in our view, significantly reduce cargo theft; enable marine and transport insurers to deliver an optimum service; and improve the business of global trade.” 

For the full IUMI position paper on cargo theft prevention please visit www.iumi.com

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is a professional body which is run by and for its members. IUMI represents national and international marine insurers and considers issues of interest to the worldwide marine insurance industry. IUMI currently has 48 national associations as members, protecting and advancing their interests. IUMI’s roots date back to 1874.


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