Diving (yet again) Shipping Markets; what’s next…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas


Our forty-ninth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015 and beyond, tonight Friday the 4th of December 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI closed DOWN 11 points at 563 which is 18 points down since last week’s 581 when the dry market “rebounded”… Fat chance to see the index climb… You have been warned of what to expect long time ago from this medium, always in writting…
  • The BCI was down 41 points at 890 which is 99 points down since last week’s 989 points – volatility didn’t pay-off… and just to remind you that: “One size cannot change the otherwise still downward market”.-
  • The BPI was minus five points since yesterday at 433 points, and 23 points down since last week’s 456 points… still not good at all, despite being the most promising size!
  • The BSI was just a point down at 469 and plus two points since last week’s 467 points… and the…
  • BHSI was …steady, no change at 286 points but up three since last week’s 283 points.- what a dry season…

For the record, viewers can see and study the BDI since 1985 in the graphic which follows:







…as well as the last two years of the BDI and make their assessment; we will eagerly wait to read your comments:







  • The wets now and the last published indices: Dirties and its BDTI index stood at above the 900 points barrier at 962 points which is a good plus 61 points since last week’s 899!
  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was up four points at 547 which is a another good 23 points up since last week’s 526! Good news here given that teh Dities and the mega VLCC’s obtained region US$ 100, 000 daily; not bad, but caution. Be modest!
  • The Ship Sale and Purchase continues to be very interesting and promising for those with patience, vision and good funding backing! Money is become very expensive and scarce! Equaly new technologies and propulsion means and bunkers play and will continue to play a pivotal role…
  • All in all still NOT a nice picture and many listed and not listed companies are in tatters particularly on he DRY side…
  • The price of oil also dropped to region US$ 40… Caution!

On the geopolitics front:

  • The ISIS thing, as said last week, opened the Pandora’s Box of … warfare! The United Kingdom has joined-in and British fighter jets are now bombarding ISIS’s positions in Syria. Russia continues to built-up its presence and Turkey continues to play with peace in the entire region. As the Greek prime minister said on the  issue of the Russian fighter downed by Turkey: Thanks to the fact that the Greek pilots do not panic” (in reference to Turkey’s everyday violation of the Greek Air space!!!! Hypocrits shouldn’t have a place in NATO, nor hteir aspirations to enter the European Union given their up to now behaviour and record in most fronts! France too has raised the stakes and relentlessly bombs the perpetrator terrorists, after the recent blood bath in Paris. The US must organise things so as to avoid any hiccups there. Iraq too has mounting problems – internal and external.  As said last week, our view now is confirmed in the media, that Syria will dominate the News for a long time; so will the rest of its periphery!
  • Add the Migrants issue which went far worse the past week and as you read these lines situ becomes intolerable, thanks to the moron politicians in Europe and beyond. S H A M E !!!!
  •  Ukraine remains the same, a bit hidden from the headlines due to the Russian affair in Syria!
  • Greece continues as messy as ever and it’s about time all party leaders put their house in order, particularly the governing coalition of SYRIZA/ANEL and the opposition – mainly the New Democracy party who external forces want to eliminate as they want the Tsipras faithful to diminish the country without any opposition whatsoever and serve the lenders interests… Those though being in the background are closely watching and will intervene…
  • China is trying to re-invent itself… The economy being the biggest issue! In the meantime the Chinese are pledging US$ 60 (sixty) billion for Africa’s development…
  • Denmark voted No to further Euro mess.. and why not…
  • Impeaching Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff for wrong handling the budget will make it messy there…
  • Nearby in Venezuela Nicholas Maduro’s regime begins to tremble…Elections of wrath from both sides…
  • In the US another massacre with guns… It’s too much… Can any President change the “Law”… the shoot-out killings at San Bernadino, east of Los Angeles in California was it terrorist act or what?
  • The London Shipping Law Centre’s last event for this year which took place yesterday at Stephenson Harwood ampitheater on “Terminating shipbuilding contracts: Can I? Shouls I? And what will happen if I do?” was more than well attended with interesting questions and good networking!
  • As you read these lines the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards are about to begin in Athens’ InterContinental Hotel!
  • Thomas Cooper held a great reception earlier on this afternoon at Devonshire Terrace in the heart of the Square Mile!
  • Capital Link’s New York Event on Greece is coming upon the 14th of December on “Invest in Greece” with four Greek ministers attending; a not-to-missed event!
  • Many Christmas parties, receptions and dinners are on the go now, particularly here in the British capital and why not; life goes on!
  • Our team’s recent trip to Copenhagen in Denmark will be covered too in the coming days…
  • Finally, we continue to invite the world to visit Greece and its islands even at this time of the year; that will counter as a plus to the troubles Greece and its people are still going through; add the migrants issue. We repeat that Greece is for all seasons! We will also continue to repeat the fact that the Turkish government by allowing the traffickers to move the migrants to the Greek islands not only spoils Greece’s tourism but will eventually create the worst explosion in the East Med… Let’s see what Europe does to Turkey and relax their leaders so we all avoid the big clash! Bluffing with the Turks as Germany and France as well as other countries in Europe and the US do, will only make things worse. We cannot accept any further Turkish blackmail! It seems that Europe over the last 200 years doesn’t have a clue on how to deal with the Turks! As said in the preamble of geopolitics the situation can get off hand. Putin has a name for it… Erdogan must realise that at the end of the day, his game is over… Just remember this! Unless…

Now think about visiting Lemnos island in northern Aegean Sea and Kithnos in the Cyclades; try Ithaki too, the famous Ionian Island… Still an exceptional weather all over Greece, despite a bit of rain… On the other side of Europe try a cruise holiday in the Norwegian Fjords and outside Europe try the long haul to New Zealand; a great place for good holidays all year round!

Have a nice and peaceful weekend!

Viewers can log here below and watch the live video:

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