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WP_20151130_029Education is the most important aspect in all sectors of our lives, conversely Maritime Education in our multi-diversified / multi-disciplined industry; the most important industry of all on Planet Ocean! John Faraclas writes, video filming by Anny J. Zade:

For nearly five years in we have devoted many articles, news, views, speeches and interviews, you name it, on all sectors of Maritime Education and Training, and as this year’s theme was officially designated by the IMO – during the World Maritime Day, on “Maritime Education and Training”, we too celebrate same this year in a very special way to honour the best!

For us, Maritime Education and Training is not just the tool to power, it is the execution, the implementation in other words of what you do with the knowledge you possess, whether theoretical or practical, in order to be successful in the vast shipping arena and rule the seven oceans. Our business motto is: “What you don’t know, you cannot control”. It is worth to remind you this, as the incalculable amounts involved, invested or otherwise in shipping ventures run into trillions of dollars! Men – and women lately, are very much involved and as Brigham Young said: “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

A view from the of the CBS and in particular that of the building where the Blu MBA tutoring takes palce

A view from Frederiksberg Have of the CBS and in particular that of the building where the Blue MBA tutoring takes place.

In today’s new world order we need an innovative societal revolution, and that should be in education; in this instance: Revolutionize Maritime Education and Training for tomorrow and not just “correct” things from the past, as the past has gone…

Following a survey from the moment this medium was launched, as well as our 45 years’ experience and direct involvement in Maritime Education, the most important sector in Shipping, we decided to meet in Copenhagen’s Business School the contributors, the real movers and shakers of this unique and innovative MBA, the Blue MBA as it is known, talk to them and bring you the best from the high level executive maritime education it offers! Copenhagen Business School, one of Europe’s largest business schools – over 20, 000 students, continues to inspire leaders around the globe with its high-quality executive education, and, above all, it holds a triple-crown of Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB! We hope to be present at the centennial in 2017!

The ducks in the water of the Frederiskberg Have, make you think, the way the swim, of ships hulls shapes...

The ducks in the water at the Frederiskberg Have, makes you think, the way they swim, of ships hulls shapes… Have a closer look and you will see what we mean…

In our previous reporting from this visit, we uploaded three important reports with respective live interviews of those involved; today we conclude with a report on those who made this successful international MBA possible, exist, thrive and continue to be on top of the news and always on the move! All these four reports are interlinked in a way which proves how the various shipping entities, private or public are interwoven, offering the best in furthering global maritime affairs. These reports also show how improvements take place in the ever evolving and revolving Danish Maritime Cluster. Just above we mentioned the unlimited amounts of money involved, which run into trillions of US Dollars, so as to make you realise that this is the most important industry from all the rest put together!

A view of the classroom during one of the breaks; continued mentoring synergy at its best!

A view of the classroom during one of the breaks; continued mentoring synergy at its best!

We have met, over two full days in the purpose built ergonomic architecture-wise designed in all aspects academia buildings – the Danes marvel in this, of the Copenhagen Business School, tutors, students and most importantly with the programme director and other administrative personnel composing the entire Blue MBA, interview them live, and now bringing you the best one expects in this field without any previous arrangements, as the norm stands in the media… What was also noticeable and unique is the location were the CBS stands; next to Frederiksberg Have, a park with small lakes and “rivers”, an ideal place to unwind but also to contemplate on shipping business…

From the dinning canteen /restaurant at CBS: respect and ship-shape set-up

From the dinning canteen /restaurant at CBS: respect and ship-shape set-up

This year the Blue MBA attracted a record of 47 executives who have enrolled in the Class of 2015-2017 Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics at Copenhagen Business School. They come from 19 countries and a have a wide range of senior management responsibilities in the maritime and related fields. Above all, their companies represent all sectors of the world’s maritime cluster – on board, ashore and offshore!

A very harmonious situation in having all components together, from all stakeholders, which we have never ever experienced before. After all, we must all bear in mind that our industry, the most global industry from all others, moves 90 centum of goods by sea; goods we see in our local supermarkets and in the high street shops worldwide. Here we are talking about real economies of scale. Add the consumers society, consumption and consummation which in simple terms are governed / managed by the shipping companies who run ships and conversely by the executive students of this academia; in figures, given the entities they own, manage or are part of, something like in the tune of 40 percent. A very enviable figure!

What follows now are five short interviews with the students; we begin with Ioannis Botonakis, a Greek from the legal department of a major greek shipping group:

We continue with Dorte Christensen, a young Dane in operations/chartering with a major Danish international conglomerate; a very charismatic young lady:

Another lady now from the Far East, Chinese Tracy Xu who works for a Danish company, said:

Next with the shipowning fraternity’s young generation and Richard Svensson, who operates multi-purpose tonnage in Cyprus, says:

The finale with the students is with a man from the sea, an Indian captain, Harpreet Singh, responsible for the vetting of ships with a major international US firm in its Swiss offices; this is what he had to add:

Irene Rosberg; hands on education 24/7

Irene Rosberg; hands on education 24/7

Epitomising this Blue MBA is Irene Rosberg, the programme director, the real driving force, who for over 15 years is the heart and soul, hands on of this unique educational project; a great and powerful communicator! Mrs. Rosberg, besides her 24/7 participation in the University, circumvents Planet Ocean at least twice a year. From Copenhagen to London, to La Spezia, to the Philippines, you name it she’s there promoting to all intents and purposes the Blue MBA. She has the most difficult task in bringing-in the best executive students-to-be in the very demanding and comprehensive high level MBA. A very difficult selection task, as the KPI’s, to use another shipping term, are very demanding. She makes the crucial decisions no matter how tough they are. The results speak of themselves; all you have to do is log on herein in this medium and find out…and please your curiousness! We also recall our last year’s trip to the Far East, how she organised a meeting with one of her graduates with Thome Group of Companies in Singapore and witnessing through him the success story of CBS’ Blue MBA! Equally in our trip to Cyprus during the annual WISTA-International AGM, how same was well organised by one of her students, being the president of WISTA-Cyprus! Here is what she said during the live interview:

Moreover we are pleased to see amongst others, that people we know in business and academia, such as Martin Stopford in particular, and Prof. Filippo Lorenzon, are involved with this faculty in the Blue MBA at CBS – a series of intensive short courses which appeal to time-pressed senior executives in the maritime, logistics and associated industries.

IMG_3471It’s all plain sailing to have the buildings in some of the world’s most important shipping centres – Denmark, the United Kingdom or Singapore in this instance, or the specialist tutors from any sector of the shipping academia or visiting lecturers and practitioners from around the Globe, the finances/funds available, but you need a leader to run all these sectors and bring you results and continuation. Results means, for us and all in the maritime industries, success in both good and bad times in the shipping adventure. Here you have a born leader in managing, in coaching this unique specialised modular programme, designed and continuously upgraded for the experienced shipping executive; and this is Irene Rosberg!

(pictured on the left /above) is Irene Rosberg with John Faraclas in the main CBS’ Blue MBA amphitheatre)



From the good-bye lunch with Mrs. Rosberg and Anny Zade

From the good-bye lunch with Mrs. Rosberg and Anny Zade

Mrs Rosberg, who is also the president of WISTA-Denmark and an inspirational founding member of Nordic WISTA, has made our trip in Copenhagen more than memorable and we are indebted to her and her team for the hospitality, meetings arranged even at the last moment and above all in sharing with us her achievements/ results she brought and furthered in Shipping and Logistics. In a nutshell: Knowing what really matters!

We end this reporting with Thucydides (c.460-c.420 B.C) who said: “Seamanship is an art like any other; it is not something which can be picked up in one’s spare time, indeed, it leaves no leisure for anything else.” All you have to do is interpreting this, as Seamanship includes education and training very similar to the values of Cyropaedia in ancient Persia!


Viewers can log on the respective Copenhagen’s Business School Blue MBA banner in the front page of this medium and can contact Mrs. Irene Rosberg, the programme director  on:


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