20|20 Marine Energy launched to navigate complexities in bunker fuel supply and transaction chain

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Andrian Tolson

Andrian Tolson

Established by Adrian Tolson, one of the industry’s leading marine energy experts, 20|20 to offer trusted intelligence to an increasingly complex sector

A new consultancy, 20|20 Marine Energy, was launched today to help companies create and implement strategies for purchasing and selling marine energy, as well as supporting the development of bunkering infrastructure. In a changing market of increasing risk and complexity, 20|20 works with ship owners, operators and financial institutions on the buy-side, fuel suppliers and traders on the sell-side, as well as ports, and local and national governments on developing infrastructure projects.  The company also provides research and insight services.

20|20 has been established by Adrian Tolson, one of the industry’s leading marine energy experts.  With 30 years of experience he has a detailed knowledge and insight on the supply and demand side of fuel purchasing, as well as bunkering infrastructure development.  His experience spans leadership roles with some of the industry’s largest marine fuel suppliers, including Chemoil Energy, where he was responsible for successfully driving the company through to IPO, and, as Vice President and General Manager he established OW Bunker’s physical supply operation in the US.  20|20 also has a range of partners and advisers with expertise in marine environment, risk management, sales and marketing and change management.

“The shipping industry and related sectors face unique complexities and challenges but also significant opportunities, ” said Adrian Tolson, Senior Partner, 20|20 Marine Energy.

“20I20 has been established to help all companies and organisations that are impacted by the process of purchasing and selling marine energy, as well as the infrastructure that supports this.  Our focus is on providing strategic, practical and independent counsel, combined with market leading implementation services that helps our clients to reduce financial and regulatory risk, increase profitability and enterprise value, as well as optimizing their market positioning.”

Ship owners, operators and financiers are facing increasing uncertainty over fuel choice and compliance solutions in a heavily regulated market, as well as continued concern over the financial and quality risks and exposure associated with purchasing marine fuel.   20|20 helps its buy-side clients develop marine energy procurement strategies that shorten and reduce risks within the transaction chain, protecting their assets, ensuring compliance and increasing operational and environmental efficiencies to enhance competitiveness and drive profitability.

On the sell-side, 20|20 works with physical fuel suppliers and traders to create and implement business, sales and marketing strategies that are fit for purpose and in line with the current changing dynamics of the sector, and the increasingly complex demands of their customer base.  20|20 helps suppliers create strategies and a strong platform for business growth, development and expansion, building closer-partnership based relationships with ship owners and operators, increasing sales, volume and profitability.

Port authorities as well as local and national legislative bodies are also under pressure to ensure that their bunkering infrastructure, including tank terminals, storage facilities as well as barging and transportation capabilities are calibrated to meet changing fuel supply patterns.  20|20 helps organisations to create modern and sophisticated marine energy bunkering hubs, increasing capacity, driving more throughput and increasing their competitive positioning.

Tolson concluded: “While the challenges are many, with our team of experts that span the marine energy supply chain and have a proven track record of delivery, 20|20 is well positioned to help our clients meet these demands and seize the opportunities of an industry in transition.” 

About 20|20 Marine Energy:

In times of uncertainty,  20|20: Marine Energy provides clarity and insight to ship owners and operators, bunker suppliers, as well as ports authorities and national and local government. Founded on years’ of knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of delivery,  20|20: Marine Energy creates and implements strategies for marine energy procurement, supply, and the delivery of bunkering infrastructure projects. The marine energy supply chain has never been more complex or risky for all stakeholders in the shipping industry.www.2020marineenergy.com

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