Shipping Markets dive setting a new low record with the BDI at 484…

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John Faraclas - picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

John Faraclas – picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

Shipping Markets dive setting a new low record  with the BDI at 484 …whilst Britain’s first astronaut reaches the heights in the outer space; zenith and nadir at its …best! John Faraclas reports:

Following our long term market predictions, as real professional fortunes tellers, we are proud having made the appropriate market – particularly in the dry sector, assessments!

Amongst the many who have entrusted our views, we are indebted to the then RINA’s London Branch Chairman Jonathan Morley giving us twice the chance (Nov.2008 and Oct.2010) to express  the proper future market trends in respective presentations at Lloyd’s Register’s  auditorium; to SBC TV in Athens were for 18 months  every Friday live we have explicitly warned of what is to come; to Eleni Deligiannis, secretary general of the HBNS in Singapore inviting us to speak at the China Club there, giving the toughest ever warning of what is yet to come…; to John N. Cotzias of Intermodal  Shipbrokers who come over and video filmed our second LR presentation and for what he said afterwards on TV-thanks John; a big thanks to my family and relatives who control over 200 ships today and my compatriots from Chios controlling over 500 vessels, for the very down to earth discussions assisting me greatly for my assumptions and indeed to over 500 owners worldwide controlling over 5, 000 vessels  offering me the best base/platform for guiding me in my analysis; to Capital Link’s Nicolas Bornozis who gave me the chance, numerous times  to express views and  object others’; to the Bezantakos’ family, particularly during the 2009 Athens Golf Club 9th Navigator Conference on letting me elaborate on the state of the Markets with shipowners speakers objecting their views; to the last LISW in London where once again we had our say of what is to come; to the dozens of students asking me very specific questions on the markets (dry and wet), to thousands of people who contribute in coming to these events and  in a Socrates-styled method, the well-known as method of elenchus (Socratic  debate)  obtained what I really really wanted: to make the right prognosis for the markets. With all due respect to the gurus of the markets, mistakes are NOT allowed, as the damages run into trillions of dollars for either listed or unlisted companies…

For the record, except the main Baltic index (the BDI) which closed  down earlier on today 24 points since yesterday and 14 points down since the last low of 498 points a few months ago, the BCI lost 99 points settling at 623 points – volatile capers, , the panamaxes and its respective BPI stood one point higher since yesterday’s 410…at 411; the BSI, the Supras down one point at 449 and the Handies, BHSI, at 276 down three…. Ah, the Wets too were not that good with  the BDTI down 16 points at 904 and the cleans saving the day with the BCTI one point up at at 558 points…

There are remedies of not just corrections, but for survival before the upturns begins, but this will be only for the very  very few… We can talk about these situations for ages…a great challenge for us! Now, there is a new market out there!

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