Long Life to SCIOFEST…

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ffrom the Chian Federation Vassilopitta and donors meeting in New York

From the Chian Federation Vassilopitta and donors meeting in New York

Long Life to SCIOFEST and thanks offered to the Chian Federation in Astoria, New York 

On January 17, it was feast day at the Chian Federation, in the New York neighbourhood of Astoria,   with the cutting of Vassilopitta cake, the centuries-old tradition, the presentation of SCIOFEST, and promoting the ‘Back to Chios’ event, to take  place in May 2-7 2016, in Chios.

The Vassilopitta gathering served to call blessings on the SCIOFEST project and bring it good luck from its very birth.

In 2015, Constantin (Costas) Kastoris and some friends in Chios founded the non-profit association SCIOFESTRUST  in order to highlight the history of the island, the safeguarding of the intangible, material and cultural heritage of Chios, setting up a network between members of the local community and the Chian historic Diaspora.

This is a unique Chian heritage programme, whose goal is to attract a large audience to participate in the event. They will be able to attend a series of lectures on the history of the Chian Diaspora, as well as on Chian shipping, wine and art, and  genealogical research into Chian families.

As part of the festival, many thematic activities will take place, including musical and theatrical performances, movie screenings, art exhibitions and tourist visits to places of interest this beautiful island has to offer. Among highlights, the pianist Katia Skanavi of Russian and Chian heritage will treat all to a recital with some surprises!

January 17 was the first day of the crowdfunding campaign ! Mr Kastoris said: “So far, the response has been excellent and we thank the Chian Federation for their hearty welcome . We believe that with your support and the various Chian societies in the USA and elsewhere in the world, we will create a new relationship with our compatriots   wherever they live, to shape a new culture of cooperation and progress for our country. That’s why our only motto is ‘Contribute, please’!

Diaspora London map

Diaspora London map

“We hope that by pooling resources from everywhere, Chian compatriots will be able to restore the important monuments of the island, and will contribute to the preservation and dissemination of our cultural values and traditions and of course, the development of our island, with the participation of people originating from it, as was done in the past.”

Referring to the Chian genocide of 1822, Mr Kastoris said: “Back to Chios almost 200 years later… with their life experiences as shaped by the memories of their Chian ancestors, painters, musicians, writers, business leaders, etc, are invited to attend this important event. We shall create the best conditions to receive them in Chios.”

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