At 345 the BDI opens a new chapter in Shipping’s History

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Not even the volatile Capers can stop the Dry Markets from a total collapse creating yet another all time low BDI at 345! Something unimaginable for the hoi polloi, but not for those well understanding geopolitics and financial crisis issues, affecting shipping too…Not to mention dirty geopolitics. Still though the best market if you know how to navigate in turbulent waters!  John Faraclas comments:

Down nine points from yesterday the BDI’s news are now all over the place;  another  all time low: 345 !!! Everybody talks of the BDI’s level and conversely the future of the markets, given the lay-up applications and other issues of panic from lending banks and others with limited knowledge on how to defend their vested interests!

The BCI, the capers also down 12 points since yesterday, clocking 242 points, approaching the 200 barrier! The Panamaxes continue to fall with further 13 points at 312. The Supras down twelve at 338 points. The Handies’ BHSI below the 230 mark clocking 229, that’s minus two points.

The Wets too on a bad day; the last published BDTI and BCTI were down 21 and six points respectively at 838 and 680 points. Tough times and “It don’t come easy”… pure music to your ears is Ringo Starr’s hit!

This crisis hits all sectors, tramp and liner shipping too, listed and non-listed companies. Major liner companies, particularly involved in the box trade, that is to say containers are also hit. The commodities markerts are one of the main causes of uncertainty as well as the world financial  collapse! Spin doctors know nothing on how to rectify the markets; they have even disappeared! In the begining of this commentary I mention lay-ups, something that will bother us a  lot in hte future!

I am sure you realise that we live at the end of Political Ideologies, but also to the end of Shipping’s past patterns. Governments are less and less involved  in the  global economy; there are certain limitations… A new Shipping market has been created; take advantage of this market, no matter how low it “looks”.  You must  by now get the message! There are NINE Billions tons of cargo to be moved!

Skyfall is not for all!

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