The Panamaxes …balancing act; the BDI remains @ 290 !!!!

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Now, amidst the global turmoil in all fronts, be it political, or economic, or military- for which we strongly believe that all these three issues will go far worse, the shipping markets and in particular the dry ones, remained unchanged… John Faraclas comments:

So, NO change today for the BDI and the trillion Dollar question is: what next?

The Capers dropped two points clocking 206, the Panamaxes and the respective BPI was up 11 points, acting as the balancing act… due to the fall of all dry indices, so at 312 “looks” more than good… Given the Chinese Festivities, all analysts were caught off guard on this development… Nonense!

The Supras index, the BSI at 244, that’s down two points and the Handies’ BHSI at 184, down two creating cold fever in the Markets.

The last published BDTI and BCTI gained six (793) and lost three (551) respectively.

Now all these happening at the heart of the Chinese New Year Festivities, with Oil Prices still fluctuating, stock markets in a mess – save a couple for the time being , NATO deployment under German command in the Aegean to deter the traffickers – and return back all arrested migrants to Turkey . Wonder how this will work; shall we send our own drones…? I’d love to be there; I am sick as a parrot being…in London. Soon we shall see what really happens. Add the Syrian saga and all that we have uploaded during the last year and see what you make of the situ on Planet Ocean. CAUTION. Expect the unexpected.

Now, one thing “bothers” me: How come the Panamaxes got these 11 points plus? Any info will be more than valuable.

Have a nice evening and as said above: be one guard for strange phenomena are about to unleash their force/menace on all fronts and to all intents and purposes. The Year of the Monkey will be a very strange one. Monkey is associated with Fire, so try to interpret this….

You know from recent history what happened during the last 72 years:

1944 beginning of the end during the last year of WWII, a total new world emerged with its prons and cons, for which cons we are STILL fighting,

1956 the Suez Canal messy affair and the periphery going nuts…,  The Hungarian …Rhapsody with the failure of the Revolution there;

1968 the Eastern Europe Spring and revolts in Prague and yet another failure, enough though to bring the world in a total mess;

1980 when politics enter the Olympics given the boycott by the US of the Moscow ones and the war between Iran and Iraq…

1992 was the beginning of melting down in Yeltsin’s Russian, the Armenians with the Nagorno-Karabakh proclamation, equally the Slovenians  and Croatia gained independence and then the ball kept rolling in the Balkans to the worse…; you dead well know what happened and we wait to see act 3!

2004 The Madrid Train Station Massacre, D-Day’s 60th Anniversary, The perfect Athens Olympic Games-Terror Free!, the Kosovo mess continues,  Chechen terrorists take 1, 128 people hostage in the Beslan school hostage crisis… You have read enough….So ensure you are on guard during this Year of the Monkey… I am sure you also know of the monkey tricks:  spiteful, and malicious behaviour. Now who’s gone to ape one’s superiors…? Have a laugh but be cool!

P.S.  1 Do please try to see what has happened in Shipping from 1944 today,  and you will understand why we want you to exercise caution.

P.S. 2 Still the best market to buy ships!


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