Falck and VIKING Saatsea launch ‘blended learning’ STCW refresher training

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VIKING Saatsea 1

VIKING Saatsea 1

Falck Safety Services and VIKING Saatsea have signed a preferred partnership agreement to offer unique blended learning STCW refresher training that combines onboard-online theoretical and practical exercises with practical onshore training. The unique training gives the maritime industry three benefits: Lower costs, better learning and global consistency in how mariners are trained.

The new offering, launched on 1 January 2016, forms an innovative answer to the maritime industry’s need to achieve full compliance with the STCW Convention and Code by January 1, 2017 in regards to training, certification and competency management.


VIKING Saatsea 2

VIKING Saatsea 2

While such time- and cost-efficiencies are welcomed in the industry, VIKING Saatsea’s CEO, Kim Baarsøe, explains that there is a broader perspective to the alliance:

“In the past, learning was squeezed into a rather short period of time, ” he says. “Research tells us,  however, that this is anything but optimal for learning retention, which is why our new, joint training
package with Falck Safety Services covers a five-year certification period that combines on shore practical exercises with onboard training in the participant’s real environment.
This also means, for example, that the theory component can b repeated as often as needed without incurring further costs.”

VIKING Saatsea, with its unique digital platform, will offer onboard refresher theory training as part of the deal. The company’s solution enables crew to reduce their training time on shore, lets crew train at their own pace while at sea, and tracks competency status for easier administration. Company-specific training requirements and equipment can be added to the solution.

Falk Lineup

Falck Lineup

Falck Safety Services is the worldwide leader in safety training and brings practical, land-based STCW refresher training to the table, using its onshore facilities in 19 countries and at 38 training
centers. In 2014 Falck Safety Services trained more than 370, 000 people worldwide and thus brings deep expertise to the table.

Working together, the two companies initially plan to offer seven courses, ranging from Sea Survival to Advanced Fire Fighting. The new training concept has been approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.

By combining Falck’s safety training experience with VIKING Saatsea’s innovative technology we
are creating a cost effective and high quality safety training solution for the industry”, says Torben
Korsgaard, Senior Director of Global Business Development at Falck Safety Services. “VIKING and
Falck have worked together for 30 years, so we know we can deliver high quality to the customers

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