The BDI @409; nothing matters much a very little matters at all…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The post Easter indices are still very low and as we have written numerous times, unless we see the BDI above the 2-2, 500 points, nearly nothing will matter per the title of this market recapitulation. John Faraclas reports:

Earlier on the BDI closed up three points at 409; the Capers were also up four points at 207; the Panamaxes and its respective BPI index was five points up standing at 471 points. The Supras just one point plus at 474 and finally the Handies with two points up at 270 conclude the Dry Market’s  indices. Still too low! Caution as many companies collapse – both private and listed ones and there is a lot still to come on all fronts.

The Wets once again with …mixed feelings; the latest published BDTI and BCTI stood at 809 (plus six) and 497 (minus two) respectively.

The WTI dropping and in general the volatile price of oil whatever the forward markets do, is bad news!

On the Geopolitical front, expect more spill overs from Terrorism, Revolutions and Social Upturns – unexpected and expected ones.

Let’s see how the Syrian saga will end; the Migrants issue were the “humane” politicians, particularly in the EU and elsewhere in the Continent made it more than a mess with incalculable repercussions; the world economic and financial collapse which will soon create havoc in the markets and with whatever this entails. Wonder how and when we will get out from this unique crisis. We live in interesting times!

There will be soon many problems in many shipping companies of any type, size and orientation whether tramp or liner, listed or unlisted.  It seems to me, and correct me if I am wrong, that one needs specialist education in academia and in post master’s and PhD degrees to know how to use risk assessment and save the company he/she works for. As things stand today – and for the last seven years, it proves that in the universities curriculum there weren’t adequate lessons from specialist tutors for the new breed to ensure adaptability in the circumstances, or all the students with very minor exemptions, they all got it wrong!

Be on guard; the real crisis begins now. Shipping will be only for the very few! I love all these situations as, on the other hand and side of the equilibrium,  they bring us at the best time to improve our robust companies and acquire low priced tonnage and more importantly built new ships; ships of any type, size can do which will bring you handsome capital gains when the market turns up!

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