BDI’s Fools’ Day 450 shouldn’t carry you away…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

After the Ides of March, the Fools’ Day decadence; don’t count your eggs before they are thatched! John Faraclas cools the market’s optimists with reality’s pragmatism:

Indeed we can see some upwards trends in the dry markets but neither one or two sizes and respective indices should open your appetite… And I mean this as, both the BSI and BHSI Supras and Handies stayed put at 476 and 272 respectively as per yesterday’s closing, correct?

The Capers and its BCI 2014 was up 75 points at 345, the Panamaxes got another 34 points standing at 535 but this cannot justify anything whatsoever. So remain cool before you hit the hard shoulder …err the lay up or recycling mega bin…

As previously said we need the 2, 000 plus point mark to begin talks about the Markets for chartering purposes and the correlation with the S and P prices, be it second hand or newbuildings; end of the story.

The Wets scored better with the last published BDTI and BCTI at 840 (that’s plus 3) and 495 (plus 1) respectively.

Let’s see the bankruptcies how they go and the lay-ups by the end of May…

“Figures speak for themselves and tell the truth” (to paraphrase the maxim: “Money talks but does it tells the truth?”) Indeed in this instance if we consinder the short term and the long term market figures we have: End of Dec 2013 BDI at 2, 274 points, that’s  minus 1, 824 points! All times high Posidonia 2008 11, 794, That’s 11, 344 points down with today’s figure; correct? Eh!

The price of oil – WTI and all that surrounding the industry (read our yesterday’s report) is more than important. A big struggle to maintain a level close to US$ 38…

On the Geopolitical front, the Migrants issue remains the number one. Today, overnight on the Greek Islands of Chios and Lesvos we witnessed the failure of Greece’s responsible Ministers, the failure of the European Union, the failure of our supposed to be properly civilised world. Nobody stops this mess. You can see here what we witnessed in the Island of Chios last July, not even one year has passed… We repeat: Only a Naval Blockade to the entire Turkish Coast (and elsewhere these phenomena happen or are about to happen) can save the day. The rest is pure hypocrisy. Wonder all these agencies and NGO’s as well as the UN really can do as they are totally incompetent to halt the influx from Turkey, as they do not want to upset the West’s supposed to be ally in the region. Pure nonsense!! Let’s come live on TV – an International station say as the BBC or the CNN or CNBC and I can entertain live all these specialists and politicians. Shame!  The full tourist season in Greece begins now, as Greece is an all year international tourist attraction, so stop the nonsense!

On the Terrorists front, still we are behind. We need to see the norm in airports and everywhere. We need to see that the entire airport zones are safe, not just at the security check points, OK???  Equally the Ports need a revamp of the entire ISPS and Terrorists aspects rectified.

We need to see swift trials, as the evidence is here for all those perpetrators from wherever they emanate. Enough political and social “support” due to other hidden loop holes… Enough!

In Africa many financial scandals alarm the US, such as the US to seize stolen Nigeria money and many other scandals around. North Africa also being a hot and unstable region… This is also in connection with the wider Middle Eastern issues…

In Asia now, North Korea jamming GPS signal close to the borders with South Korea can trigger more tensions…

China must sort out its economy which correlates with what’s happening on the world trade affecting many nations’ economies…

The Kolkata flyover collapse sends alarm bells all over for the public’s safety. Too many issues there, but also at many other parts of the world; fairs fair!

In Australia an issue surfaced whether Captain Cook invaded or discovered Australia…

Anyway. Enjoy the weekend and be on guard!

P.S.: Remind you that now is the best market to get in the shipping industry!


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