The BDI needs at least 1, 800 points… to make waves…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Expectations are expectations  and pragmatism is pure reality; the rest is pure speculation. John Faraclas access the BDI’s 500 point mark.

So with 13 points plus the BDI closed earlier today reaching the 500 point mark, the best so far level in 2016! It is though early days, if I may say so, as we need  at least 1, 800 or so points to see the BDI at the levels of Christmas 2013 when it stood at 2, 274 points. Then we can take a breath and more importantly talk business!

The Capes and its respective BCI 2014 closed 11 points up at 477; the Panamaxes at 619, that’s 23 points up; the Supras’ BSI and the Handies’ BHSI got a three plus standing at 482 and 278 respectively.

So as we have recently mentioned: one or two sizes do not dictate the market’s upwards – in this instance, sentiment! Then we are far below the very good markets of region 4, 000 points. Whatever above these levels was is and will be exceptional and short live, as it has happened bringing the world’s shipping catastrophe!

The Wets continued the over fall, with the Dirties and its BDTI down 22 points at 786 whilst the Cleans and the respective BCTI gaining just one point standing now at 495 points.

The price of WTI just below the US$ 38; a big struggle there and a very delicate situation can change many things worldwide; caution!

Many companies are losing ground day by day, whether listed on not. Expect tremors!

On the Geopolitical front now:

The Migrants disgrace continues and Europe will once again be faced with incalculable repercussions. There is no will at all and old issues amongst many of Europe’s nations re-surface and will lead to more despicable cases.  Greece is both a scapegoat, as well as a country governed by morons (as the up to now actions of the respective ministries lead us- shame). The current Greek Government above all lack of both knowledge and negotiating skills in all fronts. We have written many articles trying to make them wake-up, but in the name of sickened socialism/communism the do not listen. So amongst whatever happens to Greece, the revenge this time will be monumental! The opposition too is in a mess as there isn’t any coherent policy and programme to lead Greece and its people out of austerity, poverty and return to dignity and progress! What happens with the Migrants inside the Port of Piraeus is a humiliation of the Greek peoples’ dignity and the historical obligation towards their ancestors given the situation of Migrants occupying the country’s biggest, important and most historical port! By the way let’s see what will happen with COSCO…

GREXIT and bankruptcy is still on the cards. The strike tomorrow will make things worse…. Privatisation on hold…

Turkey continues to play with the nerves of the entire Mighty Continent, but one day Nemesis will strike Turkey with a force beyond any imagination; just wait and see.  Even Turkey’s allies will turn against!

The Southern Caucuses conflict between the Azeris and Armenians over the Nagorno-Karabakh will produce possible a major conflagration and Russia, will not allow any Turkish aggression close to its borders.

The Syrian saga continues. Come on, smash ISIS; enough of undue delay…

Terrorism in Europe must be curbed and we would like to see the French and Belgians act swiftly with all that lot pausing as a threat to all in the region.

Security must be tightened as quickly as possible to all Sea Ports, Inlands Waterways and Airports, needless to say in all dire straits around Planet Ocean.

The US election campaign still goes on with and without surprises; Will Hillary Clinton make the trick? Can she triumphantly enter the White House and make history for ever? And then? What will be the new World Order?  What does Putin’s post US election agenda is all about…

BREXIT wins points but the issue is not which side wins the referendum; the main issue is what happens the morning after…

In Brazil the impeachment of Mrs.  Rousseff looks  imminent; wonder when it happens what will be the end result and how this will influence the entire 2016… Olympics and other issues…

The Panamanian saga unfortunately continues, but things are not exactly as same appear in he media. As we have said we will revert with an insight on that… There are real skeletons in the cupboard of nearly all nations; Panama is not the problem, particularly in the way same is being… treated …

Will revert tomorrow with more news. Good Health above all…

Have a nice evening!

P.S.: Despite all the above this is the best market to insvet in shipping. the best Buyers’ market ever; and that’s a fact!


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