The BDI’s uncertainty above 700…

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John Faraclas - picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

John Faraclas – picture credits LISW2015 FLICKR

Well then, let’s how many will stay put  this time and learn that no one can walk on water; John Faraclas exercises caution as the world economic climate means we are going to face a new tempest…

Thanks to the volatile Capers the BDI broke the threshold of 700 points closing at 704 – that’s 14 points plus since yesterday. The majority of the indices “enjoyed” a minimal rise, with the exemption of the Panamaxes experienced a none points downfall (BDI@718). The BCI 2014 was up 48 points gong above the 1, 100 points, namely at 1, 135!

The BSI and BHSI on a plus two points at 564 and 358 respectively… The figures needed to make waves are anything above the 2, 500 points of the BDI index. So, think positive, but face the harsh reality or you will face the music; we are still below the 2500 ponts safety mark! We need to see at least over and above the 2, 500 points mark to be safe.

Caution, caution, caution!

The Wets once again low mixed feelings; the BDTI and BCTI on a plus three minus one stood at 778 and 555 points respectively!

Boxships on test, container trade need revamp, not just streamlining…

Many disputes of any kind surface every hour in the shipping industry. Law firms and Consultant’s prime time! Expect the unexpected.

Shipyards an easy prey; go for it. Become a Shipyard owner, built your ships better and cheaper, control the game, it’s your prime time for a total new chain, much needed in the industry! Let the messy shipyards go under; they deserve it!

The price of oil, the WTI raises the stakes approaching the US$ 44… Dodgy…

The Geopolitical front with the Damocles Sword for Greece and the United Kingdom both faced, for different reasons and issues an EXIT; BREXIT and GREXIT will most probably monopolised the news…

The Greek saga enfolding dangerously and despicable situations might happen; this is not a Catch 22 case, but as we say in shipping terms, marine insurance accidents in particular, “a both to blame collision” (Europe Vs. Greece). Add the IMF’s behaviour and see what is yet to come. On top of anything else Greece’s current regime is good for nothing, equally the opposition. So what do you make of all these events? Elections, Referenda or…you know what I mean is in the pipeline…

The Migrants saga and hypocrisy from all sides continues non-stop  and wonder if anybody got the religious leaders  recent message… Fighting erupt in Lesvos now! In Piraeus the main port on the eve of Greek Easter as well as in other places remains in total mess. Very few are being returned to Turkey… Turkey plays the turnkey solution. The foundations of the Turkish state begin to shake given that a Religious constitution is on the way… Fragile scenarios are being heard.

Syria will now begin to craete more mess!

On another note, Turkey systematically escalates the intrusion of Greece’s and Europe’s airspace. No excuses, enough! Turkey will only understand the same language it uses… When the shit hits the fan, wonder what Turkey’s allies will do!

Italy on guard for the next migrants wave… the Med on alert!

Turmoil in Spain… Fresh elections or …

Who shot down the MH17… who did the mess for MH370 and the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl lead the news yet again…

Alarms in Stockholm from a possible ISIS attack…Smash the ISIS before it is too late. We have urged you for this Mr. Obama.

President Putin re-assesses the situ around his defensible periphery…

In the US Trump and Clinton will now show their teeth. The War begins now!

Panama Canal gets ready for the grand opening! Lady Luck will pick the first vessel to go through the expanded new canal!

Maduro in trouble in Venezuela… time please Nicolas…

Further south Brazil in disarray; its good recovering stolen millions, checking your president, but ensure all is smooth for the Olympics and avid the coming clashes.

What is the Chinese plan following mass acquisitions world-wide?

…and diamonds are for ever or “Bollywood Diamond” soon on a screen near you…

Too many issues in Africa too; too many issues all round Planet Ocean!

Be on guard and as we have advise you get into shipping while you can!

Have a good evening!

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