BDI’s …contained losses @ 642…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Indeed contained losses with the BDI loosing just ten points and now standing at 642; John Faraclas’ briefing on the Markets and Geopolitics.

The Capers and its respective BCI 2014 index was the biggest loser with minus 39 points (915) with the Panamaxes’ following suit at minus 14 bring the BPI at 605 points.

The Supras and Handies on minimal losses and “steadiness”; the BSI was down one point standing at 582 and the BHSI remained the same as per yesterday’s closing 365 points.

So, all in all a dropping dry market.

The Wets also on a dropping modus; the last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 716 (minus one point) and 520 (minus 14 points).

The price of WTI struggles at the US$ 44 level and causes an agony on how things will turn depending on the havoc prevailing with Geopolitics.

The Geopolitical front begins, silently though, to be dodgy…

The Migrants saga is not appropriately reported in the media; shame. Things are getting worse.

In the entire East Med and Black Sea the situation might get sour given Turkey’s expansionist mood. Things though might get nasty of Turkey itself and its backers, whoever they are. With over 1, 800 violations of Greece’s airspace, what do you expect to happen…?You see history, at the end of the day, repeat: at the end of the day, repeats itself.- (full stop and period). Ah! We will wait to see the true reasons behind the ousting (not yet official) of Prime Minister Davutoglou.

In Syria there should be peace now at any cost, as the major powers “consolidated” on the combatants new battle-field positions…

In Syria and the Caucasus, Russia maintains the upper hand… Let’s see what Putin and Lavrof have in their hidden agenda.

BREXIT and GREXIT sound possible one way or another or something strange will happen on both issues. Today’s elections , when the full results will be announced – possibly tomorrow) will bring many surprises.

Europe must get its act together, before the War begins again – on the battle fields or in the Economic and Social level, War is War! Add the fact that Terrorists are targeting, mainly, Europe! Having mentioned Terrorism, can we please see the end of this story, as the super powers can finish them of both in the Middle East 0 ISIS et al, a well as in Europe! Time please! We had enough form the politicians apathy and Terrorists themselves.

The US presidential election hots up. Donald for sure is the Republicans darling. Let’s see if Hillary can make it to the final. Will she use woman’s wrath? Logic and pragmatism will prevail. Decisions are expensive in this issue and cannot be easily overturn when mistakes happen; this is what the American people should thing before their vote!

North Korea is up to something…

In Africa, still the same situ…

A more detailed reporting n Geopolitics tomorrow Friday which ends the week too.

Have a nice evening, today St. Irene’s Day, the Patron Saint for Peace!

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  • Demitri Sacharides says:

    We better start getting prepared – Russia & China will lead @ Far-East with Japan not opposing at all…

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