BDI “rebounds” back @600 flat…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

“Beating” Friday 13th’s superstition, the BDI was up 21 points; John Faraclas assesses the Markets and Geopolitics affecting same in one of the most crucial periods for the entire seaborne-trade…

Despite this “rebound” the BDI was down 31 points since last week’s 631 points and this tells it all. – The Capers continued their volatile, as always mood, gaining 74 points with the BCI 2014 standing at 798 points. Again, overall the losses from last week, the biggest from  all sizes, totalled 184 points!

The Panamaxes and the respective BPI gained just eight points – 597.  Overall too, the Panamaxes where the only size with a plus figure since last week’s 591 points – even these six points make the …difference! The Supras lost two points since yesterday, reading 553 for the BSI  and the Handies remained the same at 347 points for the BHSI. Overall the BSI and BHSI in comparison with last Friday’s closing were down 25 and 12 points respectively…

Another bad week for the dry market and these low figures greatly reflect on the wellbeing of 90 centum of all shipping companies; tough, but real!

The Wets too with mixed feelings. The last published BDTI and BCTI were down three and 12 points respectively – 732 and 484… On a weekly basis though the Dirties  appeared stronger with a plus 19 points (from 713) and the Cleans weaker with minus 35 (from 519).

The price of WTI tries to stabilise above the US$ 45 and a bit, but geopolitics will for sure very soon jeopardize same…

The Geopolitical front will now bring tsunamis:

Tsunamis in the Central and East Med with the shameful Migrants issue, the World’s  number one issue,  to the forefront yet again. The “faulty” line makes Libya and Italy feel the issue; in Greece the figures remain the shame. Still Migrants at the Port of Piraeus. Shame for the Greek  Government and more shame and blame goes to European Union’s handling. Incompetent people and organisations to the fullest extend! The Court of Human Right’s must intervene! Enough of this hypocrisy!

Meantime, Turkey continues its blackmail. At the same time Europe once again failed to surpass the Turkish attitude; time to finish off with Turkey. The region wants PEACE!  If the Greeks go bezerk,  Pilots and Crew from the Air force and the Navy, as well as from the ground forces, it will be hell in the entire region. DO NOT PUSH the Greeks financially to the limit via this despicable regime of yours Mrs. Merkel, so to take away their land, as you will fall one day in the graveyard you prepare for them…

In Syria, we expect to see an end to the hostilities, but everybody works and complies with his own agenda. Another shameful story here. ISIS continues to “bother” us in the entire periphery, not just in Syria and Iraq. Come on, send the ground forces! I guess the Israeli war machine is capable to finish them off! You don’t need the interference of others; leave it locally…

Putin’s Russia is testing all in the region and particularly NATO’s response. The US must respond too.

Greece is at stake and the Western Alliance ignores the fact that Greece is the most vital component in the region. Wonder if all are afraid of Greece  – basically from the  industrious people of Greece and wish to terminate them, otherwise, WHY so much envy, WHY so much revenge against the Greek people. On top of everything else, Germany et al has “placed” Tsipras – the Greek PM, as its/their best Taxman to strangulate Greece on purpose!  The Greek people owe NOTHING, it’s the politicians, their cronies and the business hooligans we expect to see for life behind bars, …err sorry I mean in community work for life to repay the money they all embezzled!

Tsunamis in Brazil  too– let’s see how Dilma Rousseff responds; a tough moment for all South America!  Can Michel Temer change the whole picture or did he created this coup d’Etat, as it has been widely rumoured…??

Venezuela nearby adds to the turmoil. Maduro believes he walks on water…. How can he go? Who’s behind from abroad backing him in this unprecedented way??? Will 7.6mio people be enough to oust him?? Stopping the opposition to marsh with no real excuse, serves no purpose for Nicholas Maduro. The main issue, as I see it, is that few people from the region have ever learned the Cuban example… You dead well known what I mean!

The Turrialba eruption nearby, might serve a purpose…  Engelados’ wrath… the personification of earth-quakes, whom, of course Goddess Athena beat and dropped into the sea…

In South Africa, gold miners are to sue over lung disease… As we are… in Africa, remind you that the EU Libya mission failed to disrupt people-smuggling from Libya… An appropriate Naval Blockade, like in the case we wish to see imposed on Turkish coastline, is the best to deter all this mess!

In the Far East what’s next for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un??? Photographs tell the truth…

China, as far as I can see – and imagine, is re-assessing itself and its investments abroad, but the current state of financial affairs is not the one Beijing was expecting! Meantime Japan’s Abe is ready for everything!

In Australia, Tax issues are to the fore and a new hero is born… watch this space!

At the other side of the Atlantic the US Presidential election continues, so no one bothers on what really happens in the rest of the world…err Planet Ocean.

The Energy issues will soon come to the fore changing altogether Geopolitics and Business in particular. Add the Tax issue and the latest scam in Panama and you can see the next Global Society’s Big Clash: The Politicians versus the  Capitalists!  The Politicians have no interest in real money, just to secure their position; that’s enough for them… The Capitalists they must get rid of all these nonsense of PPP’s and PPI’s and all that PiPis’…

Have a nice weekend and keep an eye on the BREXIT and Grexit. Both, one way or another will reshape Europe and conversely the World at large! We bet on these findings!

P.S.: remind you that despite of all the above and more other burning issues, this is THE best ever market to acquire ships! A buyers’ market, the best ever witnessed,  to take the revenge from the shipyards et al! We can discuss all these during the forthcoming Posidonia 2016 in Greece! Get geared!

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