Europe’s drama: no BREXIT yet in sight…

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J N FARACLAS by PTSAKOS 03JULY2013Ten days after the UK Referendum on “Europe: should I stay or should I go”*, the picture is still blur with all possibilities still on the table. BREXIT has now become  Europe’s’ midsummer night’s dream. John Faraclas comments:

Whatever happened has happened; from now on  Europe and its leaders, who detested the views of the British politicians on certain crucial European issues, will be “haunted” by them as there are more complexities for the United Kingdom to leave than initially envisaged by European think-tanks. Somebody has called a fast one…

For a start, in the United Kingdom internal issues, such as electing a new leader for the Conservative Party and conversely prime minister will take some time and most importantly no matter whether there will be another general election before 2020 the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty looks not to be triggered at least this year; in any event this article is a vague map towards the exit door… The Referendum itself, as we have been advised, is not bidding!

Another big issue is the structure of the United Kingdom; the Scottish case for example… You can imagine how many other complexities exist…

Add the mess Europe is in with not only the Migrants issue but from a real recession which Germany, France and others cannot admit, and see what you get. European solidarity was tested and proved inexistent with the Migrants saga and Greece’s mess over the last seven years – a mess created by continental Europeans!  GREXIT was on the cards, but the vote for a BREXIT “come” first, although same wasn’t in the cards, even astrologically!

The BREXIT result – particularly on these very close figures/percentages of 51, 9 to 48.1 come as manna from heaven for the Europeans, as always more than …“friendly” with the British, but on reflection, for both sides worked like the mirror syndrome, alike the infants development: the moment when one can recognise one’s own reflection, and the subsequent birth of the identity conflict of the ego… Now do please interpret this with the way the realisation of the result took both sides by surprise and see what you make of it!

It is early days for everything on this more than delicate issue. Geopolitics play an important role here that few have ever thought of, even the most well placed politicians, diplomats and businessmen…

Expect the unexpected; already we have BoJo out and …about. All current and former political leaders of the United Kingdom threw the gauntlet to all those from the Continent who prayed for the British to leave as they please… Nonsense! In case Theresa May gets in No. 10 – looks likely, then the big game begins; “…and I like it”.**  As a true Libra, she knows the scales of power better than anybody else –  within and outside the United Kingdom!

Shipping being this medium’s main field, will remain unscathed. London will remain for the foreseeable future the Administrative capital of world shipping and its stakeholders will continue to enjoy the benefits this great shipping centre offers to all intents and purposes!

We will revert with more thoughts as things develop. We love this situation, as the EU will certainly enter a new phase and it looks that many are ignorant as they are unaware as to the  precise form as this process will take some time; it might possibly never take place… A new Europe will evolve! Be prepared for surprises though.

Per our continues success in predicting the projections of the freight markets  and the state of the shipping industry over the years, equally we are geared to predict the outcome of this special event and the course and form things will take. Follow us and send us your written comments.

*One of the best ever songs and lyrics by the Clash…

** …And its only Rock ‘n Roll and I like it – The Rolling Stones…

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