Falling Markets and Terrorism ante portas… .

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) losing another nine points since last Friday – approaching the 700 points barrier at 709, things are getting once again sour; add the Terrorism …mayhem, and see what’s coming up. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost 18 points and now reads 877…
  • The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 21!!! At 806 and approaching the barrier of 800 this makes the owners feel more than nervous and this double digit drop – yet again, with unsustainability playing a pivotal role, causes messy turbulences… Caution for both these sizes!
  • The Supras’ BSI was down one point at 697 and “saved” the day…, and
  • The Handies’ BHSI on a plus modus gaining three points and at 386 suggests we are entering  the dire straits of the dry markets.
  • The Wets once again on a dropping and steadish modus. The last published BDTI (Dirties) lost seven points  (582 now) and the BCTI (Cleans) were up just one…at 463… The drop in hte Dirties is more than significant over the last two months; extra caution…
  • The Boxships still in seasonal or whatever you want to call it, low level.

The price of WTI as these lines are written, was down to exactly US$ 43!!!!

Once again we reiterate the view that despite the above and the geopolitical chaos, this is the best ever buyers’ market to purchase or to contract tonnage.

The Geopolitics with the terrorism factor in particular on the rise in Europe – now Germany was hit twice and if things continue I am afraid but the perpetrators of these atrocities must be stopped, ousted as they have overstayed our European Western Society’s Welcome! E N O U GH ! They have to seat in the dock! The situation in Turkey also deteriorates this situation; Turkey is in the brink of something in the tune of at least seven on the Richter scale…

The above proves our choice that the most important issue which needs appropriate action is that of the Migrants.

In Syria, Iraq and Libya, ISIS continues its despicable destruction and the coalition led by the USA must strike swiftly and with exceptional ferocity; in love and in war everything is permissible…

BREXIT makes waves in the G20 and China will be the first major recipient of the BREXIT’s saga. Who’s not afraid of BREXIT, a very blessed thing as time will prove…

GREXIT too is still on the cards… Expect messy affairs in Greece… Add the latest saga which resurfaces with the Hellenic Shipyards EU penalty – which runs into millions… I will be pleased to see the Pandora’s Box of revelations, vis-a-vis the biggest scandal of the century for Greec AND the World on the shipyards scandals, to open!

In the USA now Mrs. Clinton takes an early lead versus Donald Trump despite the hiccups in the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia… We shall see!

It was good NOT to ban Russia all together from the Rio 2016 Olympics; now tell me who’s NOT taking exceptionally hidden anabolics etc etc.  Anyway, hypocrisy and politics …”should be” the name of the games…

Fires in California and in Chios Greece; see respective article.

In the Far East now straight into Japan: 15 dead and 45 injured from a knife attack; the World is going gaga or what, you tell me…

Overall the World’s Economy is entering a big recession…

Lately we are worried, as if things get off hand  on what might happen to the Worlds’ Dire straits? Suez, Panama, Kiel, Hormuz, Aden,   Gibraltar, Malacca, the straits of Bosporus?  We look forward to your view in this last one…

That’s all for now, take care and be on guard; tomorrow it is another day!

P.S: Waiting to see the premier of the film: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? …err Who’s Afraid of BREXIT?

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