Summer of Markets discontent amid Geopolitical turmoil…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Falling indices and bankruptcies as well as extraordinary Geopolitical events call for cautious navigation in turbulent waters; John Faraclas’ Daily Recap:

  • The BDI lost another nine points earlier on today and now stands at 560 points.
  • The Capers’ BCI 2014  lost 11 and at 757 it seems that we might see surprises…
  • The Panamaxes too lost 19 points with the BPI at 673 creating a nervous environment.
  • The Supras’ losses were minimal, just four points at 667, and,
  • The Handies continue its …success story for just over ten days producing a plus, this time two points up and they are finally over and above the 400 point mark – 401! Sounds interesting as the crisis blessed size works miracles…

So, a downwards dry market with many companies listed or unlisted in trouble. As we have numerous times written in the past: very very few will go ahead.

  • The Wets followed suite; the last published BDTI and BCTI where down nine and one point respectively at 541 and 465!
  • The price of WTI as this Recap is being compiled stands at US$ 40.35, CAUTION.

On the Geopolitical front now:

The Migrants issue continues to be the number one issue to all intents and purposes – UNFORTUNATELY!

Except the usual Turkish Coast to the Greek Islands migrants movements, the Libyan front become very “active” yet again. Only today, 1,800 migrants where saved by the overstreached Italian Coast Guard – 8,000 were saved over the last five days!

The Terrorists are ante portas all over Europe – to start with, and warnings have been issued in the UK too; there is a call for vigilance.

Elsewhere Terrorists continue their despicable actions; shame to them, but having said “Shame to them”, we need to see a robust front from the Superpowers to end this situation. One way or another ISIS must be defeated. Today the US bombed ISIS positions in Libya – there are more to come!

A “low” also approaches the Balkans, the Black Sea and Middle East periphery with Turkey still in tatters. An appropriate response to the continued despicable Turkish attitude must be given from all in Europe and America; end of the story.

Turkey plays dangerously in the region, a  “follow” up of the Kemal-Lenin encounter… and this time the Greeks will not stay put. Equally the world of super powers who wrongly decided the then “carving” of the Eastern Problem/issues, and the energy projected jargon, must revise their long term projections as they will make it even worse this time!  See what takes place in Armenia too…Turkey is now by all fair judgments, a tinker box ready to explode… Those who are blind enough and accept  all these Turkish blackmails, they will be taken by surprise when the events enfold!!!! This is a  real warning!

Following the downing of a Russian helicopter in Syria, is is expected that Russia will react with excesive force; and rightly so! The Syrian saga if it doesnt end within the next two  months, it will be the preamble of something even worse!

We must also ensure that Israel is safe enough, given what takes place in the region; all attempts with Turkey and the various treaties, deals, agreements –  you name it, at the end of the day they don’t have a leg to stand. Only Greece and Cyprus supported by the West can assist Israel!

BREXIT matters a lot to all involved and we are going to see amazing things happening. In the meantime the good news is that according to accounants the business confidence is recovering!!!!

Awaiting for the GREXIT too… and other EXITS! Greece’s immediate need is a team of experts to run the country which is sliding to a mess from both ends and political pathos can lead to a clash there. The current coalition is only good for the bin; end of the story. We reiterate the view that a new electoral law should be based on proportional representation, one candidate per party per constituency, end of these silly calculations…

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games’ countdown can be heard all over Planet Ocean. Caution too for Terrorists.

Typhoons gave a hard time to Philippines and approaching now some regions in China! Nida causing excesive damage; caution as it is not yet over.

Fires rage in California and in Greece too – Northern Evia become a BBQ – one of our ancestors’ villages, the Farakla, continues to burn as well as the entire area; what a nightmare weekend that was… and still is on now! After burning Chios’ southern villages and other regions in Greece too, there is no excuse, repeat no excuse vis-à-vis containing the fires.

The world financial situation goes from worse to worse and there should be an extraordinary Conference as soon as possible to shot out many issues. If this doesn’t happen, expect the Armageddon which we have  already foreseen.

The world of Shipping must be ultra-cautious with all the above taking place, but also this is a unique time, as we continuously repeat, to buy new tonnage, including newbuildings given the weak market and many companies’ collapse!

It is a must that Hillary Clinton makes waves above the norm headlines and wins more than comfortably the final leg to the White House!

Religious Wars are too dangerous, particularly in this day and age!


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