Captain Antonio M. Padron y Santiago on the boarding program for Maritime Cadets and issues faced…

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Captain Antonio M. Padron y Santiago

Captain Antonio M. Padron y Santiago

It is well known the serious problem faced by Nautical Cadets in the absence of places in ships to make their mandatory “training period at sea” and, therefore, unable to access the professional world.

Studies by IMO and EU show that from now until 2030, it is necessary to train about 40,000 Officers / year for the international fleet.

As IMO Maritime Ambassador I considered as a priority among my activities to contribute in solve, although in part, this situation.

In the recently created “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets” we have more than a hundred students enrolled though, it is estimated to be more than 600 -only in Spain- waiting for an opportunity to make their practices.

Day by day I am finding facts showing that the situation is even more serious than we might think … I have registered a significant number of students who take more than two years trying to locate a vessel in which to perform their practices.

It seems that these data contradicts the named reports … there are ship´s Officers, what happens is that they can not access the professional qualification due to a physical impossibility.

It is surprising and regrettable that, if we do not react in time, we see forced into the disappearance of a “really exciting” and absolutely essential profession for industry, trade, transport, ports, maritime safety and navigation, education, rescue and many other sectors, including pilotage.

But this could not be a task for only one … we must join forces and wills so that, together, we manage to preserve the merchant marine enabling the professional development of our young seafarers.

For all these reasons, attached are documents related to the “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets”, REQUESTING, although in testimony, your support.

The future of the Merchant Marine is in our hands !!!

I remain awaiting your prompt reply,

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