The Chios Mastic Museum: an apotheosis of nature and uniqueness

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A view of the Chios Mastic Museum from the south

A view of the Chios Mastic Museum from the south

Time and again we have stressed the importance of uniqueness and nature of Greece and its islands blessed soil. This time and following respective articles on Chios Island and its masticha products we bring you a glimpse of this uniqueness in a form of a live video invitation when you sail in the Eastern Aegean Sea visiting Chios to see the Mastic Museum off Pyrgi village, at Rachi Site (Tepeki) in the region of Mastichochoria, the group of medieval villages in the southern part of Chios island. Anny Zade writes:

During allaboutshipping team visits in Chios over the last five years we …stock up all these Gods and Mother Earth’s goodies, the unique products of masticha for our trip back to the United Kingdom, be it sweets, liquors, cosmetics, books, wines, you name it. This time and following the recent opening of the Chios Mastic Museum by the president of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos on the 11 June in the presence also of Archbishop Ieronymos,  we were fortunate to pay our respects to this unique museum correlating to the value of this unique nature’s gift: Pistacia lentiscus Chia!IMG_3581

Thanks to the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation who created this museum and undertook to run its operation, as well as the Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association granting the land the world can enjoy this unique theme and understand the mastic cultivation, see how the management of mastic shaped the agricultural and inhabited land scape in the south part of the island and learn about a very significant aspect of the history of production in Greece and witness the spreading and the various uses of masticha.

Such is the success with respect the visiting of the museum by thousand of international visitors that not a single brochure was available in the bookshop of the museum! The organisers printed nearly 10,000 brochures for the year, but same were gone in two months; well done!

We thank the personnel of the Chios Mastic Museum for their help in writing this note as well as for the pictures we were allowed to take. The video herebelow is self-explanatory of what happened during our visit and what all on Planet Ocean can see when visiting the museum:

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