Capers’ “uncontrollable volatility” might bounce back…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended up earlier today at 937 points – up 34, once again “thanks to the Capers”, but…; Geopolitics including Global Recession, despite what the media serves us, will make it more than a mess. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

Well then, its best than going down, obviously, but hold a small basket as this volatility cannot be taken seriously, neither in the short or long run!

The Capers’ BCI 2014 added another 271 points, the highest level in a day for many months and now reads 2,389 points. As stressed above, this is an uncontrollable situation of a volatility never experienced before and we advise caution. It doesn’t correlate with the rest of the other indices which struggle in our view by gaining exceptionally a few points, but nothing spectacular leading for a recovery and the return for sure not only above the safety level of 2,000 points, but that of 3,000 or even more to cover the incalculable damages many suffer and many become bankrupt from and other will soon follow suit…

The Panamaxes and its respective BPI was up 27 points and now reads 700 – a good sign and let’s hope our favourable size will correct its status…

The Supras’ BSI was up six points at 668 and the Handies’ BHSI up  two at 420.

Ensure you don’t get carried away and watch the various developments on all fronts, sizewise and availability of cargoes.

The Containers still stiff and we draw the line here demanding all to be cautious as we expect to see more another Hanjin style of company go under…

The Wets, once again with mixed feeling; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) were up 14 and down seven at 602 and 382 respectively.

The WTI was up at US$ 46.08 – nearly a dollar up since yesterday, not that bad, but wonder what next!

On the Geopolitical front, the exchange of accusations in the Syrian saga on who attacked the UN’s humanitarian convoy going to Aleppo becomes a soap opera. We need to see the real evidence so some trimmers from both sides can shut up… What a disgrace for the suffering people of Syria! That increases the flow of MIGRANTS making it bad for all involved.

In London the three-day 11th Annual Greek Road Show of ATHEX ended at Bloomberg’s and we sincerely hope to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The most important issue is the stability of this lefty government as, if it falls – we are expecting this and we don’t hide our view, it will make it far worse after seven years of sufferings there; the Greeks had enough, and enough is something which can trigger “more”. All the successful course towards better days rests with the implementation of the much needed reform sand for the Greek public to understand that only via the ATHEX things can change. For foreign investors looking to Greece, this is a great time to buy and make their portfolios better as well as inject life to Greece. The Shipping factor, if appropriately tackled with Tourism synergy and in particular that of Maritime Tourism and the Ports/Marinas participation can make the pragmatic real difference for better days and better returns!

The MIGRANTS saga continue both in Greece and Italy but also in Belgium were two policeman were caught by their French counterparts for smuggling 13 illegal immigrants as they felt sorry for them… Were that leads us now, is not known! We wait to see the outcome in Lesvos and Chios as well as in the entire Greek Islands and Greek Mainland as the number of MIGRANTS exceeds 62,000!!! From North Africa to Italy too! There are fears that many drowned in the last incident off the Egyptian coast…

We might see the BREXIT talks begin as early as January 2017  – although it is too early and uncertain to make any such predictions…we shall see.

GREXIT, although sounds a bit odd, it might happen any time… Greece needs a leader to deal on a “one thing at a time” basis, as I am afraid to say the situation is more than sour.

Enjoy the rest of the evening…

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