Whatever happened to the Capers… and geopolitics…?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Another drop for the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) which lost 13 points – could be 13 for luck … per Agatha Cristie’s novel, now standing at 875 points, which is also 66 points down since last Friday’s (23/09) closing when the BDI stood at 941 points. As for the geopolitical issues, a more than a total mess and still to come! John Faraclas’ weekly recap:

The Capers lost another 59 points earlier on today and the BCI 2014 now reads 2, 008, just 8 point apart from the 2,000 point “barrier”. It is questionable what led to the rise above the 2,000 and what brings same down to these levels, which might go further down; we shall closely watch these developments. The difference also between today and last Friday is also substantial; minus 375 points!

The Panamaxes were also down with the BPI now standing at 726 (minus 15 since yesterday), but up just four points since last week’s 722… Panamaxes are more versatile and in my view a far better floating tool than the Capesize vessels.

Supras and its BSI index was up three points at 679 points which is also up eight points since last week’s 671…

The Handies lost just one point with the BHSI reading 421 and on a weekly basis remained the same…

So, once again, all in all a falling market; overcapacity is one thing, fixing your vessel yet another. Capable owners are those who will go ahead in this roulette game…

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Cleans) down six points at 638 points and the BCTI (Cleans) down seven points respectively. On a weekly basis up 32 from 606 for the Dirties and down 22 for the Cleans.  Again a sector to be closely watched with Geopolitics…

The price of WTI above the US$ 48 – actually at US$ 48,15 at 15:55 BST, but it might fall and…

The Geopolitical front once again gets worse:

The MIGRANTS issue is getting far worse than everybody expected, except this medium – if you read carefully all our reports and compare those with all others over the last two years, then you will verify our point!

The Syrian saga, as we have written, will widen the conflict in the region as there are “vested” interests by all super powers there… SHAME! Americans and Russians together with their “supporters” within their coalitions are at loggerheads. That’s twice a SHAME!

The Turkish factor also, as we have hundreds of times written with the blackmailing tactics of Erdogan’s Turkey, now even openly challenging and grossly disputing the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, might produce incalculable developments in the entire region. Disputing frontiers means WAR! Only a couple of days ago 41 (forty one) violation of Greece’s and Europe’s Airspace occurred and obviously recorded. Unless Turkey’s appetite is curbed here and now, many will suffer and despicable things might happen. The message though we wish to transmit is: don’t blame the Greeks on how they will respond.-

Greece also is in a mess from the strangulation of European …”solidarity” and this for sure will back-clash!

BREXIT will become a hard-core issue; remember this! Indeed the MIGRANTS issue in any form is upsetting in the British Isles issues beyond social cohesion! Make a note please! Remember the United Kingdom is closely interwoven with its Commonwealth of 1,6 billion people!

Germany and the German banks continue to be in a mess! German ship-finance and facilitations,  such as the infamous KG companies, backfired!

The entire of the EU is in a mess…

On the other side of the Atlantic the Clinton vs. Trump melodrama – as now most call the race to the White House’s Oval office – as the room of power is called, continues…  In less than 40 days we will all know what’s gone to happen to Planet Ocean… and shipping of course!

On the…other side of the Pacific, China is in taters, financial so to speak and that affects the good charters and conversely the World economy. Irrespective what analysts say for a Japanese meltdown if China falls, Japan holds and will hold well. What will happen to the Korean Peninsula though is yet another big question.

For all the above main issues we remind you my interview at the NOUSE of the University of York, so you won’t …complain it is just new things to attract your attention!

The Kashmir saga, alike a volcano, always remains active and as some years ago it was said, we might even see a mini nuke strike by the combatants there but with limited nukes…

It is not only the mess in Northern/Eastern Africa – from Gibraltar to the Horn of Africa, but in the Central Eastern one: South Sudan is also in a continuous mess! CAUTION!

Freak storms in Australia cause chaos in South Australia; the weather factor affects the trade too…

The World Maritime Day yesterday at the IMO and the debate there was unique and we all wait to see the outcome! The Reception and Celebrations were also very unique and timely, not just to network but to go deeper into serious shipping discussions; good to see many friends from the past and make new ones too!

Don’t miss the Malta Maritime Summit coming up in Valletta  3-6 October…

The Capital Link event in London is on the 5th of October in the City of London…

Next day, on the 6th of October, is the Project Connect’s event on Bridge to Success – Opportunities at Sea!

Check for other events too as they all contribute to the industry’s improvement!

More news update latter on.

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