The Markets are down; the geopolitics will bring us down too…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 16 points today and now stands at 906 – just six points above the 900 points threshold when everybody was expecting to see the 1,000 points barrier conquered; …hard luck… The Geopolitics continue to produce havoc and soon War!  We advise you to read at least our last four recaps including that of yesterday, so you get a better picture when reading the sort analysis below. John Faraclas mid-week recap:

The Capers BCI lost 81 points since yesterday and now reads 2,154 points; hard …luck for all having an interest in this size…

The Panamaxes on …reflection were up 18 points and the BPI stands now at 763… (81/18 what a reflection…)

The Supras’ BSI down two points at 674, and

The Handies’ BHSI down one at 408 points.

Is it an “All Change Here” situ, or what?

The Wets were both up; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and the BCTI (Cleans) gained seven and four points respectively, now standing at 633 and 361…

The Price of WTI is just above US$ 50 … caution.

The Geopolitical front gets worse; some main points:

The MIGRANTS saga still the same; shame to all for this palaver…

The Syrian saga far worse. Wonder if we need the good offices of diplomats; add that the military are silenced. Can they bring Peace in Syria? Can they get rid of ISIS?

BREXIT drives all economists mad; similar to an iconoclastic situation… We reiterate our view that at the end of the day the United Kingdom will win the argument!

Greece in a mess. Internal antagonists for political power and external envy will make it far worse!

Turkey continues manipulating and blackmailing all; wonder what else we will soon hear about the Russian – Turkish odd relationship.

British RAF planes are being ordered to counter on Russians over Syria and Iraq in case… well well well.

The USA in limbo given what takes place between the combatants in the race to the White House…

The Far East nations closely monitor the Chinese situation… The USA and the UK too.

Ensure that all Planet Ocean’s dire straits are free and safe for navigation linking all sea lanes… The latest incident off Yemen in the Bar al-Manbad straits, the second in four days lifts eyebrows, given the importance of keeping safe for commercial navigation all Planet Ocean’s Sea-Lanes and Straits. We have warned long ago that we must ensure all Straits, Canals etc., are appropriately protected given that 80 percent of them belong to nations under Islam (Suez, Malacca, Constantinople, Aden, Hormuz). 50/50 in Gibraltar, leaving only Panama, Kiel and the Corinth Canal in the hands of the West and Christiandom; what if…! Caution!

Curb at all costs the terrorists!

Planet Ocean is on fire; have a nice evening and ensure you are on guard for every eventuality.

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