Dry Market’s inevitable fall amid global mess…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost four points and now stands at 890,  thanks to the Panamaxes continued rise, as otherwise with the Capers fall the damage was going to be far bigger. The Geopolitical mess continues in all fronts; John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers’ losses of 53 points  brought the BCI 2014 down to 1,950 points – which is also a psychological fall given the fact that it went below the 2,000 points mark which we expected since last Friday!

The Panamaxes gained 22 points and the BPI now stands at 860 points…

The Supras’ BSI ended at 678 points, that’s plus two since yesterday…

The Handies’ BHSI was four points better than yesterday,  now reading 417 points.

So, all in all a downwards market; again we advise CAUTION!

The Wets rise was minimal; the last published BDTI (Dirties) was up just one point at 674 and the BCTI (Cleans) was up five points reaching close to the 400 level – 395 points…

Good news for Teekay on the LNG front raising US$ 110 in a bond drive…Oslo market gets the plus!

The last quoted WTI stood at US$ 50.25 – a big effort to remain above the US$50 mark; we shall see…

In a nutshell,  a very challenging period for the entire shipping industry in all fronts; the best though to acquire tonnage – newbuildings or second hand  ones in low prices – promising too…

The Geopolitics remain at least as per our yesterday’s recap:

The MIGRANTS issue went worse and after the recapturing of Mosul and the Aleppo saga expect terrorists to enter Europe; big mess is expected.

The War in Syria goes from worse to worse than ever before; wonder who can give Peace a chance!

Russia flexing its muscles… More naval ships are on the way to the Med and in particular heading to Syria. Meantime RT wonders what’s on… Caution to both sides.

Turkey’s president proves to be a very dangerous man, given the way he refers to his neighbours – Greece in particular and wonder if he can give Peace a chance! It’s best to mind his own business and avoid destroying democracy within Turkey. Somebody must explain him to respect international Treaties. Meantime threatening to get off the MIGRANTS EU-Turkey agreement if the Visa issue is not waived for Turkish passport holders traveling to the EU is yet a serious act of blackmail…

Greece continues to be in a period of uncertainty; expect a messy pre-Christmas period. External forces and issues are pressing the Greeks and as said in the past this can badly backfire. This situation must end here and now. The current Government cannot deliver in the efficient way it promised; now remember that promises make debts and debts make promises. Try to interpret this. The continued strangulation of Greeks by their government and Europe can produce unprecedented results…

Energy issues in the East Med must be closely watched / monitored. Turkey must realise that harmonising relations with all in the region there is a must, including a just solution in the long-standing Cyprus occupation! Israel also plays a significant role there too with Cyprus, as does Egypt and Greece.

BREXIT stirs-up the world; I love it as we are going to witness strange things happening! Expect tidal waves as a result of BREXIT. Many are trying to reverse the whole issue; we shall see… The Pound make waves and inflation must be watched, even at one centum over the last month… All in all we believe once a careful opt-out situ is in force, it will be for the benefit of the United Kingdom. The European Union now begins to shake to its foundations. It’s never late to reverse the tide, but… following Europe’s –Brussels behaviour the Brits had enough!

Meantime Eurostar is to reduce some of its services from December as it introduces longer trains. Difficult times also as Terrorism has affected revenues due to the Paris and Brussels attacks…

The US presidential race for the White House continues; Mrs. Clinton seems safely ahead from Donald Trump – in 22 days things will be different for both, America and the entire Planet Ocean! We expect both to come down to their senses before both, the American people and the world come to its knees… Will the Pandora Box of Revelations open for both at the end of the day? Slow surfacing revelations aren’t any good for no one… People should know!

What’s up with Wikileaks Julian Assange’s internet? Ecuador stands between difficult and delicate issues… There are a lot of revelations to come…

Corruption in China is being seen on TV – a great move! Excellent. At the other side of things, all wonder on China’s further development.

Finally, the Environmental  issues affecting shipping and the world at large are to be closely watched. The good thing is that shipping emissions are only 2,33 centum and that’s great! Energy issues too should correlate with the environment and its protection!

That’s all for now, more tomorrow. Be on guard though as we are in a dangerous period with too many issues at stake and the politician and their cronies cannot perform to deliver what the world of 7,5 billion people really needs and wants!

Have a nice evening!

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