Capers dangerous Skyfall; Geopolitics more than a liability for all…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

What a Market Tempest we are experiencing with the Capers on a sky-fall; Geopolitical tsunamis as the …weather’s low maintains political happenings challenging World Peace. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

  • The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 23 points since yesterday and now stands at 849; tough!
  • The Capers experienced yet another triple-figure loss of 189 points and the BCI 2014 now stands at 1,837 points… CAUTION!
  • The Panamaxes maintained their upwards trend with a 20 points plus and the BPI went over and above the 900 point mark at 905!
  • The Supras’ BSI gained nine points and now stands at 691, and
  • The Handies’ BHSI was also up, but only three points at 424!

A falling and failing Dry Market and things surrounding the shipping industry might get sour; all hope for a major correction but talking about the now (now means something without duration), we are 1,500 points below the Dec 2013 levels which were just above the 2,270 points – indeed up 559 from the 290 points, the lowest ever BDI level; that’s a hope… Caution is needed as despite the figures we have and might see in the sort and long term major changes: Shipping becomes the business for the very very very few; END of the STORY / an END GAME!

The Wets kept the positive sign for both Dirties and Cleans; the last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 686 and 418 points, that’s five and 11 points plus respectively. A bit of a positive correction; again we recommend CAUTION.

The price of WTI as these lines are written stands just above the US$ 50 mark at US$ 50,61 a bit of a fall close to two centum from its highest today; pricing for strong nerves… Watch closely all the Energy issues…

Worth watching the shipyards the bread and butter of the shipping industry and do read and study our latest reporting here

All other sectors are on hold and looking downwards; expect the unexpected as many auctions and bankruptcies create for the first time Shipping Market’s Worse Mayhem; C A U T I O N !

The Geopolitics are coming to a head and all eyes are on the USA’s Presidential Elections andBREXIT – which we categorise as the most important issue of all!

Still the MIGRANTS are on top of the list and I am sure you read the last two days press for the Calais unaccompanied youngsters, about the Aegean Sea troubles and those from North Africa heading to Italy, plus the inability of the EU and others involved to do something for this issue becoming a pandemic so to speak!  Shame to all involved particularly the politicians the diplomats AND the NGO’s… They all seem to care about the MIGRANTS, about the social cohesion and all that jazz, but… Nemesis for all!

BREXIT shakes the World, North, South, East AND West! A she hinted yesterday indeed there are written preconditions for any European Country to join the EU, but also preconditions to leave – or the leave part was never there due to the impossibility… I love the coming situation. All are indeed gearing as they begun to smell the coming fireball of the British BREXIT!

The Syrian saga will drug all the World in a melee that we have never experienced before. We also foresee changing of borders in the region – Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq… The Russian they take advantage of Putin’s manipulation as the US elections keep the American a bit off the melee and determination and it might be too late…On hte committed atrocities, we are saying that atrocities have been “performed” by ALL; stop the hype! Unfortunately, in LOVE  and WAR everything is permissible…

Turkey must be careful as its president’s behaviour can trigger World War Four, not Three, you read correctly, the Fourth World War. Violating Greece’s airspace and territorial waters might come to a situation of no return, if you get the message… Enough as we insist that Erdogan must be stopped before there won’t be any excuses to be accepted. –  Remember, the American have an interesting expression: “New Kids in the Block”; precisely, Turks are new kids in the block… err in the area of Eastern Mediterranean / Middle East – just 1,000 (onethousand) years. They have nothing in common with the Jews, the Assyrians, the Arabs, the Slavs, the Persians, The Palestinians, The Mesopotamians /Iraqis, the Greeks…

The Greeks are going through the toughest ever pre-Xmas period; expect a lot to happen! We have continuously referred to the Greek saga and we insist for the ARISTOS Government to save Greece and its people. The rest is hard-core nonsense!

What’s up in the entire Arabian Peninsula?  CAUTION!

Wonder what will come out from today’s European Union Summit which focused on the migration, trade and relations with Russia but on BREXIT as many thought, although I am sure you have read what was really said: The United Kingdom until leaving the European Union will participate in all decisions and …after the exodus will retain very strong links with Europe to counter to Putin’s Russia aggression et al…! Time will tell… For what is worth the photo call was the best ever witness of the 28 European cousins…

We are expecting to hear about Fotis Karamitsos’ early departure; he was the Deputy Director General and Director within the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the European Commission.

Next Thursday the 27th of October it’s gone to be 30 (thirty) years from the London’s Stock Exchange 1986 big bang…

The American Presidential Election must be closely watched. It seems that Donald Trump will not accept the result… Mrs. Clinton has to ensure she gains a proportional margin, say a 55 centum win, as in a close result things can get sour for all! This not the late JFK win over the late Richard Nixon… Expect last minutes hiccups and more scandals and accusations, needless to say revelations for both… Are we going to see Latin American election behaviour, or Evita’s style…?

In Africa watch Somalia and Libya for a start. In Somalia the road to Democracy begins with the first democratic poll promised for 2016… It’s nearly 50 (fifty) years awaiting such a manna from heavens… In Libya a solution is needed as a prolonged situation will be far worse than Syria…

Messy situation in Brazil following the Iron Ore mine disaster in Minas Gerais. Nearly two dozens of employees belonging at the time to Brazil’s Vale and Samarco companies and to BHP Billiton. A very complicated case involving all aspects and you need specialist lawyers from both sides as ignorance, greediness and lack of safety and security, needless to say pollution carry incalculable fines and repercussions for all involved; watch this space!

In the Pacific now where Filipino president Duterte, famous for his infamous linguistic manners visits China and proceed with president Xi Jinping on a milestone visit worth over US$ 13,5 bn. Let see how they mend the South China Sea disputes…Meantime back in the Philippines his country was severely battered by typhoons…

North Korea continues its nuclear tests, though most of them are failing… Just imagine a pre-emptive action by Japan

That’s all for now, have a nice evening and be on guard; we must ensure that Planet Ocean’s Dire straits are safe for navigation as things might lead to a general conflagration – for sure revolts and terrorists actions. Be prepared as we must stop all those who wish to harm the sea transport!

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