The Markets and Geopolitics; simply a SKYFALL…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

We are not prophets of the boom nor of the gloom, neither we hold any crystal ball whatsoever when predicting or projecting the shipping Markets or Geopolitics which greatly affect same; we are simply pragmatic. John Faraclas’ weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 32 points since yesterday and now stands just above the 1,000 point threshold at 1,090 to be more precise; it lost though 108 (onehundredandeight) points since last week’s 1,198 points… This, under the circumstances, is a major loss!

The Capers suffered the biggest loses form all sizes with the BCI 2014 down 149 points since yesterday – now reading 1,575 and on a weekly basis a massive loss of 618 points – last Friday it stood at 2,193 points.

The Panamaxes where down 39 points since yesterday with the BPI standing at 1,508 points and …on par with last week’s same level…

Both the Supras and Handies had better luck; the BSI was up nine points since yesterday and now reads 966, up also 45 points from last week’s 921… the BHSI managed to gain five points today and now stands at 567, and 22 points plus since last week (543).

All in all another SKYFALL and CAUTION should prevail. Difficult times lay ahead!

The Wets on a plus overall mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 889 (up 21) and 441 (up one); on a weekly basis both wet indices were up 11 (from 878) and five (from 436) respectively.

The price of WTI was slightly up since yesterday but maintained the US$ 51 plus level as per last week – today it closed at US$ 51.48 (last Friday it stood at US$51.65…).

The Container Trade – ships and business in tatters: CAUTION as the damages will be more than colossal! Meantime Maersk buying Hamburg Sud for $4bn makes waves… It is worth for our international readership to view and study VesselsValue latest:

2016 Container Consolidation

The Shipfinance front is in dire straits and wonder what next; for sure expect many collapses and scandals to surface all over the place. It is about time somebody investigates all stakeholders involved in this mess!

As the week ends we still remind you that in case you have funding available, this is the best ever market to acquire tonnage: Newbuildings of any type and size – we prefer geared Panamaxes… We will be happy and content to see the shipyards being squeezed and out of the game, the game that brought them profits but created the shipping world’s worst ever mess; second hand five year old well maintained ships from A1 shipowners who are having, inevitably, financial constrains… is also another option… there is plentiful to gain in a pure buyers’ market, the best we have ever experienced.-

The Geopolitical front as per our prognosis become already unbearable and expect the super-doom day to come:

For a start, the MIGRANTS issue goes from worse to worse every singly hour: in the Aegean, Turkey continuously  “sends” over to the Greek Islands, Greece and conversely to the European Union more Migrants; one aspect which is very alarming is that the latest majority of those arriving ARE NOT from the Wars-torn Syria, but from African countries; any objection? How does Mrs. Merkel feels now that the Turkish blackmail works?

MIGRANTS begun again trips from the Northern Africa region the trips to safety in Italy…

Wonder if somebody, with good intentions goes “berserk” and exposes the scam with MIGRANTS that will bring incalculable repercussions to all for all intents and purposes…

The War in Syria and Iraq is now in a stalemate; ISIS might strike back in Syria – not only in Palmyra, but elsewhere too. We reiterate the view that the USA and Russia must cooperate with a sincere mutual plan to ends this, OK fine, divide their spheres of influence and that of their Allies in the region and asap end this mess. Irrespective of the outcome the sure thing is that in the aftermath of the war and hostilities the terrorists will strike in most of Europe’s capitals and other cities. The head of MI6 warned on a profound terror threat facing the United Kingdom and that’s serious!

BREXIT becomes a very serious aspect but as per the Y2K issue at the beginning of the Millennium, nothing really happened. We praise BREXIT and fully support same! Meantime, are we heading for an associate European Union citizenship?

GREXIT is on the cards and with a couple of more the EXITS (ITEXIT etc etc) the end of the Euro approaches, thanks to the Germans who really introduce it and will become a boomerang for all of them as well as of their supporters.

On the events and festivities front now:

The Macedonian Society’s of Great Britain Annual dinner was great…

The Seahorse Club’s Awards was more than well attended honouring all those who contribute  a better well informed shipping society and trade; Bravo!

Informa’s  Salvage and Wrecks conference in London was unique; more than a great success.

WISTA-Hellas’ Athens event: simply memorable!

Well attended Christmas Drinks for LISCR and  DNV GL in London; more to come as well as down in Greece!

The Tsavliris Group annual Christmas event surpassed any previous success.

The American Club’s double events, Piraeus and earlier on today at Trinity House in London, equally a success!

More news to come in the first update.

Have a greater weekend and be on guard; be on guard for any eventuality and possibly terrorists attacks…

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