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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Another day of losses as the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) drops to 1,052 points – down 17 since yesterday and Geopolitics are about, like a volcanic eruption, to make the world ten times worse than things stand now; John Faraclas’ daily recap:

Capers and Panamaxes continued their fall; the BCI 2014  lost 60 points and now stands at 1,404 points… the BPI lost 50 points and now reads 1,419;  C A U T I O N is the most mild warning for all…

The Supras’ BSI gained four points and the respective index reads 972… not bad…

Equally the Handies’ BHSI gained eight points reaching the “enviable” 584 points.

So wonder what the analysts and gurus have to say together with the brokers… On the other side of the equation wonder what bankers, fund managers, equity supremo and shipowners have to argue for…

The Wets lost a bit of ground with the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) losing 16 and one point respectively and now stand at 887 and 442 points.

VLCC t/c  rates surpassed the US$ 60,00 per day on the MidEast Gulf to Japan… Save save save money…

The price of WTI close to US$ 53 – to be precise now trading at US$ 52,95…

The geopolitical front is one that will completely change the World’s order for the second time after 25 years more or less following the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the “rise” of China , Putin’s Russia and Islamic on purpose phobia so we are in trouble – see the failure of the Arab Spring, only Spring cannot be named… Shame! Terrorism will surge yet again following the fall of Aleppo and Mosul AND, hopefully the defeat of ISIS. Kourdistan, great Kourdistan is on the chart as a big heat, inevitably… Add the Iranian and Saudi mess, sanctions and all the rest and see what do you make out of it…

Turkey is in state of limbo and will cause problems to all; her various alliances, alliances of all types are dangerous for all in the Western World… Be on guard with Turkey and its leaders! Is there hope that the new USA’s Administration re-assess the Turkish threat for the stability in the region of East Med, Black Sea and its wider periphery? The Erdogan Coup, as we have branded same from the very beginning , will continue to torture the Turks within – particularly those he deslike, pester all Turkey’s neighbours and… lead to an all out war in the region. As these line are being written, we wonder to what level and extent of Islamist Terrorism Turks under Erdogan can opt to… We reiterate the view that according to Erdogan’s behaviour and that of his Administration on the MIGRANTS issue, the world can clearly see the Turkish blackmail which numerous time we have stated in our reporting. One though should have even one centum optimism and see Erdogan behave and abide by International Law on all issues…

In the Mighty Continent, bad mismanagement by the Germans brings up a resurfaced nationalism and defence of  national identity,  such as the one by the people of the United Kingdom by their brave decision to vote for BREXIT!

BREXIT has a long way to go and it will be the preamble for many nations to continue to “belong” in the European Union and “not” under a special status …such as what we have sometimes in the shipping industry like dual Class and or the case of a ship’s name given by her owners and a timecharter name given by the charterers… Try to interpret this… A provocative case so do please elaborate and send us your comments… believe-you-me: I love the BREXIT procedures and whatever this entails; I am also sure of a mega mayhem on the issue which will engulf both Europe and the World!

GREXIT you say? Could be possible. The Muppet Puppet Show of Athens must come to an end and an ARISTOS government to take over; end of the story. The EU’s behaviour towards Greece and its people is simply, at best: Pathetic!

Cyprus might turn into a mess given what gives and takes behind closed doors in trying to find a solution for the centuries old problem… A deal under duress will completely fail…

ITALY will go through its own Tempest. Meantime UniCredit’s share soared to 15 centum given the announcement that the bank will raise Euros 13 billion and cut 14,000 jobs!

Europe in general will be transformed… CAUTION to all fronts… particularly the French one..

At the other side of the Atlantic president-elect Trump continues to organise his new administration  by naming new Ministers and soon he must make the decision, an official one to abandon his own business… Meantime the Dow Jones is about to hopefully go over and above the 20,000 points mark!

Ah! You might thought we forgot the most burning issue of all, that of the MIGRANTS. Given what you have just read above, it still remains the number one burning issue. Today we have learned that a Tunisian has been found guilty for the death of 700 migrants last April by a court in Catania, Sicily when the vessel collided with another who come for her rescue; terrible and despicable stories on illegal immigration, manslaughter and human trafficking… SHAME! Every single day there is a disaster which continues given the apathy and total disarray of the European Union and its Allies, NATO included. Greece and Italy are the main victims of this mess… End the political stalemate and let the combined armed forces do what they have to do.

Mess in Gambia post the elections there as the president refuses to accept defeat… Mess mess mess…

In Venezuela the drama continues as the 100-bolivar bills will stop being a legal tender…

Cyclone Vardah kills many in India; Chennai was very bad hit.

That’s all on Geopolitics.

On another note the Capital Link’s super Greek Day In New York at NYSE will be for ever remembered. Congrats to the Bornozis’ and their team for producing such an event and raising the stakes for all good purposes in investing in Greece. Viewers can log in the link here.

And on another tone, today marks the 49th anniversary of  the failed counter coup in Greece by King Constantine who was victimized for many wrong reasons… History never forgets and one day we will know the real reasons behind all these happenings; then many will lose their sleep… Fancy that?

Lastly, we are pleased to read that Katerina Vrana come third in the world on Stand-Up-Comedy, the competition organised by the Laugh Factory. I am sure you remember her a few years ago performing at the HESGB 2014 Annual Dinner and  Ball and previously at the South Bank event on “Greece is the word” festival!!!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality.

P.S. Despite all the above and other messy hiccups, this is the best ever market to acquire ships, ships of five year old make of any type and Newbuildings! This is the best ever Buyers’ Market subject you have funds available!!! There won’t be another chance, grosso motto…

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