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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Now what a weekend that was and what a day today given both the continuous fall of the Markets, particularly the dry ones and the geopolitical mess engulfing the World following the atrocities in Turkey and Germany; John Faraclas’s daily recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost another 19 points since last Friday and now stands at 927 and we can now hear alarming bells all over; or is this natural and expected, so we should remain cool… In any event we have warned you all from this column of what is yet to come and we find the fall natural.

The Capers fall was modest and the BCI 2014 lost nine points reading 1,039, but the Panamax fall was yet another one hundred points, to be precise 94 bringing the BPI down at 1,032; what a skyfall!

The Supras’ BSI was down seven at 953 points…

Only the Handies survived and the BHSI gained five points, now standing at 605 points, the best level since April 2014!

The Wets on the rise with the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) up two and 31 points now reading 911 and 522 respectively.

The price of WTI just managed to remain above the US$ 52…

Same situ with Boxships and more or less the other main types, LNG’s and LPG’s

The Shipfinance front is dead… Be prepared to hear many financial collapses. This environment favours only the very very very few to go ahead in this market which is the best ever buyers’ market we have ever seen!

The Geopolitical front as expected and following continuous daily warnings to be on guard, unfortunately produced more mess than the rest of the media expected…

First and foremost remains the MIGRANTS issue dominating the weekend with the to and fro situ in Aleppo particularly with the attack on the governmental Syrian busses awaiting to evacuate sectors there. No matter who commits atrocities, atrocities will remain atrocities stigmatising our society; no excuse will be accepted from this medium. Combatants must accept defeat at some point, end of the story. Wonder the architects of destroying Syria and cannibalised its people what have to say seeing babies being massacred; that’s why we expect a real Nemesis to strike one day and then let me know you have a problem… Migrants cause unnecessary troubles in Greece and particularly in its Eastern Aegean Islands of Chios and Lesvos… Enough damage has been effected for the locals… And there are still more coming from Turkey as Turkey keeps on purpose a blind eye. This is what we have branded as a perfect Turkish blackmail! Imagine if accusations of even a conspiracy between NGO’s and traffickers comes to be true… Shame in any case for all involved in this scam. We have openly condemned all involved, particularly politicians from all sides, diplomats included…

Today’s events in Ankara proves of what we believe and have stressed all along: Turkey is an unstable nation and it will continue to saw us and produce more and more despicable events. Time for NATO and particularly by the USA to reconsider its position with Turkey.Time for the European Union too to pragmatically reconsider its position over Turkey. Turkey is an unsafe state to all intents and purposes; full stop and period. – The assassination of Russia’s Ambassador speaks of itself. This wasn’t a terrorist attack; this is something more than that, something else which will soon surface! It was also a  three-day mess in Turkey following respective attacks against the authorities by Kurdish fighters’ supporters, or was it another provocative case… Add the demonstration of Turks against the Russian intervention in Syria and the latest events in Aleppo and see what you make… There was Tor (the onion router) too buzzing in Turkey… what’s up there, eh! A big question for all: Can Turkey and Russia mend their differences in the region? Can both countries live in peace or will continue to be in loggerheads and an explosive situation can turn the entire region upside down? What does Russia sees in Turkey? There are condemnations for both these nations. Let us hope we are wrong. This is an evil on and off ongoing relationship…

And what about Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz lorry driver attack killing nine and injuring 48 people? Was it deliberate? Another Nice case or what? Shame to the perpetrators of yet another inhumane behaviour.

There were shots and injuries in Zurich too; the culprits managed to escape, but sincerely hope for their arrest and it is a must to bring them to justice!

In neighbouring Greece there are crack in the Alexis Tsipras regime; time is of essence and time will produce soon another ticker bomb for his coalition government; be ready for the unexpected. Too many scandals need an answer. Did you hear about the latest on the Skaramanga Shipyards sale back in 2002 to HDW/Ferrostaal at 53 million euros? For whom the bells tool? Love to see the perpetrators behind bars! Personally I have called the Shipyards Scandal in Greece the biggest scandal of the century if the entire story is aired! You bet?

Once again we reiterate the view that Greece needs an Aristos team to run the country for ten years and when the nation is in order, then indeed elections should take place; all other “solutions” will further destroy Greece and imagine a GREXIT too…

BREXIT continuous to make waves all over Planet Ocean. The Japanese are worried too, particularly its bankers… Once again we strongly believe that with BREXIT or no BREXIT nothing will change for the Shipping Industry!

Christine Lagarde was found guilty by a French Court but surprisingly no sentence was passed… Strange things eh! Oh la la…

At the other side of the Atlantic,  Donald Trump got the electorate college vote and he is now certified as president. Let us hope he turns a new page in the history of the world; he must, otherwise expect a total international mess. There are a lot of issues both internal and external in an ever changing world, much alike the song live and let die…

That’s all for tonight, more issues tomorrow.

B e     o n    g u a r d   for every eventuality.

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