Both Dry and Wet Markets losing steam; Geopolitics flare up…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The Markets, although dropping modestly, continue their erratic course; while the geopolitics leaves no room for complacency, in reality this is like Pandora’s Box. John Faraclas’ daily report:

With minus 23 points since yesterday, the BDI closed at 926 approaching the first “prohibition” level of 900 points sending alarms all over…

The Capers’ BCI 2014 witnessed another triple minus figure – 128 points down and now stand below the 1,500 point level at 1,470. Whatever was gained after mid-November has been wiped-out…

The Panamaxes at 927 – that’s plus 35 points plus since yesterday surpassing the 900 point mark, but…

The Supras’ BSI lost 11 points and now read 766, and the Handies’ BHSI was down none points at 489…

The Wets too on a downwards move; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost 13 and 46 points respectively and now read 1.013 and 800…

The Box Trade is in a full red alert all the way. Nearly 20 (twenty) mega liner companies are in a total mess; almost nearly all in red. For how long this situ will prevail?  Does this rings the bell of another bankruptcy tsunami being on the way? Imagine how this situ already affects non-liner container companies…

Demo is indeed a remedy, but how the banks will bear the losses?

The Price of WTI at US$ 50,90  plays an important role for the markets; this figures is as of 23:10 GMT!¬

Despite all the above figures and the messy geopolitics herebelow, this is still the best ever buyers’ market to invest; invest in any kind/type of double eco-newbuilding and super / well maintained five-year old ones. For sure it is going to be a very bad market and we are far apart from the levels which will ensure viability. These levels are those between the 2,500 to 3,000 points of the BDI. Unless we see the 1,000-point threshold conquered, and then that of 2,000 points, don’t count your eggs before they are hatched. I am saying this because, unfortunately I read some views and reports which at best they are good not even for the dustbin. For those with mega analysts departments, it will be good to collect the cuttings from the media and see that since 2011-2012 and then in 2014 how many nonsense have been aired; none of them succeeded. The Wets too have their day. All in all you need a very good backing to go ahead, listed or non-listed…

Geopolitics are chaotic, herbelow a world round-up:

The MIGRANTS issue continues to be the number one in the world and particularly in Europe. The latest snowfall in Turkey and Greece surfaced some despicable problems. A Greek navy ship will be sent to the Eastern Aegean Island of Lesvos to house MIGRANTS leaving in appalling conditions due to worsening weather conditions… Elsewhere in Greece, in the opposite Anatolian Coast of Turkey, in Italy, Malta, Spain, Bulgaria  to name but a few European Nations, the MIGRANTS drama continues. S H A M E !!!!

The Syrian saga as well that in Iraq continues; the repercurssions are going to be colossal in the aftermath. First and foremost: Smash ISIS, then rule and divide with a Justified Peace Plan the Middle East region – but this time do it right!

In Iran, hundreds of thousands attended the funeral of ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani; a relief for many, a major problem for others, both internally and externally.

In nearby Arabian peninsular the conflict continues with a Saudi led coalition airstrike in  north Yemen causing deaths including two school-children in a nearby school; . s h a m e !

Turkey slides now down towards an economic chaos. Turkey must accept a just solution in Cyprus and the mega powers must accept reality. No one wants any compromise, just a fair settlement. In the meantime Turkey faces many issues in its Eastern and South Eastern Areas/Provinces and borders. The time has come for the big change and carving-up there, otherwise expect more bloodshed for another century….

Dozens are killed and injured in deadly attacks in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul next to its parliament; that means …more Migrants on their way over to Europe. Any objection?

Greece is in a mess from internal and external factors. Unless an ARISTOS team takes over Greece, expect a total mess. Politicians of all sides must see above all the Greek peoples national interest and well being; do they have guts to work towards this goal, or they must all go home? There is an interesting report on Greece, so log here and have a good read.

BREXIT continues with too many issues surfacing. As we have said above on MIGRANTS and on all times reporting herein, the Migrants are a major issue; the latest with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition that immigration from Europe to the UK is not too high, is more than questionable! The FTSE in records high 7,275.47 !!! Amongst the interesting daily reports this one from the Wealth Forums, carries some substance worth expediting same further…

In the USA president-elect Donald Trump continues to shake the foundations of the American establishment with his cabinet appointments. The Russian hacking still creates some discontent, but… Anyway in ten days-time all will be ready and possibly the big surprise for the first 100 days… Only then we will see what’s up… Meantime one wonders what’s the legacy and the result of President Obama’s eight years in power given that a lot of things will change, as for example the Obamacare. The Dow Jones steady above 19,850 – lets wait and see when we shall celebrate the 20,000 points!

Putin’s Russia watches all developments and denies many wrong doings; for sure something spectacular Putin is about to launch!

In South America, expect mess in Venezuela… sooner or later their will be an explosion. The opposition intensifies the pressure for Nicholas Maduro’s impeachment! There are rumours of a 50 centum rise in the minimum-wage…

In South Africa a 2 (two) percent growth is expected in 2017, but who benefits from this rise? A country to watch as from now on five or so candidates are gearing up for the 2019 Presidential Election.

China raises eyebrows for the Taiwanese-US flirting …the stopover matters…  CAUTION. The South China Sea “dispute” must also be settled  before it becomes another major problem.

Ourselves on Planet Ocean we are very much concerned with the World’s Dire Straits (Aden, Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, Dover, Gibraltar, Kiel Kanal, Panama canal, Port Said and Suez, Malacca Straits, The Straits of Hormuz) and their peaceful sea-passage status. We must protect though all of them as things might get sour. A disturbance of any one or more can be detrimental for world trade damaging also the sea-lanes. Things are getting off-hand and we are sending a warning, so the superpowers must ensure free and peaceful movements sailing through. One has to avoid the piracy issue and the very late set up of another Atalanta Sea Force, like the case in the western Indian Ocean / Somalia – you dead well know what I mean!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality!

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