Weekly BDI falls further despite last minute rise… Geopolitics too

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Despite today’s rally and turning upside down Friday 13th , the BDI lost 53 points since last week. The Geopolitics too are very messy and more trouble “accumulates”. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained 18 points since yesterday standing at 910 – a good sign surpassing the 900 point threshold, but lost 53 points since last week’s 963! Ultra-caution should be observed!

The volatile Capers’ BCI 2014 gained 89 points and now reads 1,383, but lost 275 points since the Epiphany when it stood at 1,658. Volatility at its best and wonder how one can tackle this unprecedented issue.

The Panamaxes BPI only just maintained its plus modus with four points – now reading 1,042, another “good” sign being above the 1,000 points. On a weekly basis the gains were 150 points from 892; not “bad…”

The Supras’ BSI still on a downfall losing though nine points and now with 739 is in a dangerous level. Last week it stood at 783, so this is a substantial fall of 44 points.

Finally the last dry index, that of the Handies, the BHSI was also on a downward trend. With minus seven points at 459 is also sending alarms as last week it stood at 508 points – minus 49. Again, another caution…

The Wets produced mixed feelings and a steadish more or less picture; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) ended at 1,024 – minus six and 707 – minus 39 points respectively. On a weekly basis the Dirties remained at the same level as per last week at 1.024 and the cleans at 675 – that’s plus 32!

The WTI as of 18:00 hrs stands at US$ 52,74 – still an unpopular level…and it might close at similar levels later on*

The Geopolitical situation is far worse than last week:

The MIGRANTS issue is dangerously moving towards despicable situations affecting all, particularly in Europe given the continued influx, the deaths (drownings) – mainly in Central and West Mediterranean, political mess, diplomatic failure, the continuous Turkish blackmail and many governments appalling living conditions offered to MIGRANTS. SHAME! As we have focused on regions to make our international viewers understand the magnitude of the MIGRANTS issue, try to see the population, religious and economic factors in the regions from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa! Add other hot spots in both regions periphery and see what you get!

The Syrian saga continues and little is being released as it should have been the case from the supposed free press and media. Obviously the media CANNOT “follow up” as they are silenced… ISIS continues to exercise undue terrorism and as we have numerous times, almost every day scream and shout, we must be eliminated; don’t let them breath. Go after them for a relentless hunt and smash them. Syria and Iraq are today’s main victims and coupled with the other predators there – mainly the Kurds and the Revolutionaries fighting against President Assad, you can imagine the complexities. The USA, Russia and their coalitions are fighting for their “vested” interests in the region and beyond. CAUTION as after Aleppo and soon after the complete fall of Mosul, things might get far worse.

Turkey’s role is more than dubious and as stated above vis-à-vis the blackmail tactics against the entire of Europe and the West at large (that includes NATO), Turkey not only because of the severe crisis it faces – internal upheaval following last summer’s “failed” Coup, “Erdogan’s Coup”, Kurdish issue, financial downturn and other problems, might turn and act in an unprecedented way with the usual pre and post-Ottoman behaviour against almost every country in the region. WARNING: A country to watch!

Next door Greece is also, for different reasons, in dire straits.  First and foremost the continuing pestering by next door neighbouring Turkey which violates every single day the Greek and European airspace and territorial waters. Do the European and in particular the German administration like to see a zero tolerance action by Greece? Elections will polarize the already tensed political and geopolitical climate. GREECE doesn’t need an election! Greece and its people must ask all 300 MP’s to leave the Parliament building and allow a team of ARISTOS, that we propose for a long time now, to run the country for ten years, streamline the entire rotten state of affairs and then indeed elections must take place. Greece, like the United Kingdom must say: Bye-bye to Europe given the strangulation of its people who go through a despicable torture by Germany and its Brussels cronies…  If things are certain in Greece and not uncertain, the Athens Stock Exchange will be the beacon for furthering business and development! SHAME!

Cyprus talks, I am positively afraid they will end up, once again in a disaster. – (Yes full stop and period). No one supports a just peace, nor a square deal. You cannot have it both ways Mr. Erdogan. It is also time for the Bautas to fall and see all unmasked double-faced politicians. Shame…

Before leaving the region we must warn all of the forthcoming, as they tell me, Paris Peace talks and solution to the long dragging main Middle Eastern problem: That of Israel and the Palestinians. Stubbornness might cost to all, repeat all, not just their lives but beyond that…

Next door countries like Egypt is still in danger as is Jordan. The entire Middle Eastern Region might go soon up to flames…  Saudi Arabia and Iran too and other functions might get involved…

Let’s go a bit north; in the United Kingdom BREXIT proceeds further. It is one of the most important issues which will completely affect all on Planet Ocean. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, says that she has to defend and honour last June’s referendum and also protect all British people. Hard or soft BREXIT will be BREXIT. I guess, and as have stated long before at the end of the day it will be the best thing to happen over the last 500 years or so. Watch closely the developments in all fronts on BREXIT! The FTSE makes waves and that’s more than a success!

Other places in Europe are also in dire straits; from the Baltic States and former Iron Curtain countries down in Armenia… Expect also mess in the Balkans for which we have also warned you…

At the other side of the Atlantic, just a week before president-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, things are not so rosy. Too many accusations and too much silly blah blah.  We shall see, but situ is very much tensed. Everybody hopes for a new turn, a new era but everybody is cautious. Time will tell as after sworn-in, the first test of 100 days begin…

At the Pacific Basin, things are also tensed. On Saturday the 28th, the Chinese new year begins; the Year of the Rooster. China is amid too many problems, internal and external ones which needs much attention to avoid being drug to complications…  The Taiwanese are closely watching the naval drills and are asking their citizens to remain calm. We all know that China might use force to reunite the islands which it considers as its territory… The financial stability is the most important one as you never ever know how they can handle world business affairs…

Japan is closely watching all developments and obviously with North Korea’s attitude the Japanese and its allies in the region are always in a state of alert.

Archbishop Gregorius with hte secretariat of the Lyceum's ladies

Archbishop Gregorius with the secretariat of the Lyceum’s ladies and Archmandrite Theonas Bakalis and priests from the Archbishop’s secretariat

On another tone now, the annual cutting of the traditional Vasilopita of the Greek Ladies Lyceum in London celebrating also the New Year was more than a success at the Great Hall of London’s Hellenic Centre, given that except the adults dancing performance, that of children beginners received a great applause by nearly 200 guests. Folklore dances from Northern Greece and Pontus as well as from the Aegean islands!  The event was officiated by Archbishop Gregorious of Thyatira and Great Britain. Present was also the Cyprus High Commissioner Euripides Evriviades, the entire Maritime office at the Greek Embassy in London headed by the newly appointed Maritime Attaché George Skandalis, his second in command Commander HCG Theophilos Vouzas, Mrs. Julia Konstantinidi from the Greek Embassy’s Educational official, her husband Commander (HN) Michail Paraskevopoulos, Radm (Rt HCG) Kostas Amarantidis director general from the Greek shipping Cooperation Committee and his wife Tenia Koroneou from the Maritime office in the Greek Embassy, many Academics as well as presidents of the many Greek and Greek Cypriot Associations in London and many others.

Dancers of the Lyceum's advanced classes and guest dancing together; great moments at the Hellenic Centre

Dancers of the Lyceum’s advanced classes and guests dancing together; great moments at the Hellenic Centre

The lucky punter of the sovereign was Agatha Kalisperas, the centre’s director. Drinks and dips and folklore greek dancing at its best. An excellent performance by the Lyceum’s president Pyghi Skinitis and   all the ladies at the Lyceum’s secretariat.

At the same time, upstairs in the Centre’s Friends Room, guests and other visitors were attending the unique photographic exhibition by Thomas Nicolaou, illustrating how through evidential qualities of photography and map-making, Demarcation can be remembered and re-imagined; the Cypriot cause and case more than evident… The exhibition runs until the 24th of January; not to be missed.

From the Demarcation photographic exhibition

From the Demarcation photographic exhibition

Log on the centre’s site- www.helleniccentre.org for all upcoming events until the end of March; amongst them the Hellenic Centre’s New Year celebration on the 21st of January, “Where in the Mani was the Frankish Castle of Megali Maini? A New Synthesis of the Evidence” organised by the Hellenic Centre and the Patrick Leigh Fermor Society; The  Ancient Thouria  – Dea Syria Temple on the 24th of January with illustrated speeches by Dr. George Skouras and Dr. Theodora Skoura.

Greeks Armenia is on the 17th of February at the Cellenic Centre

Ink your diary for the following Upcoming Maritime Events and ensure you book and attend same:

4th UAE Maritime Forum 2017 – The UAE Summit of Marine and Maritime Leaders; on the 24th of January.

8th Marine Money London Ship Finance Forum to be held on Wednesday, 25 January 2017 at The Dorchester, Park Lane, London.

Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum (Limassol) on the 9th of February 2017

8th Annual Greek  Shipping Forum (Athens) on the 15th of February 2017

The European Shipping Week is coming up in Brussels; be there between the 27 of February and the 3rd of March 2017!

Dropping the veil. Theatre Lab’s SALOME dances on stage of Hoxton Hall is between 31 January to 11 February; not to be missed

The 22nd Annual Dinner & Dance of the Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain (HESGB) is on the 11th of February!

Doug Barrow

Doug Barrow

AND finally, Doug Barrow steps down from Maritime London and becomes Director of the UK Ship Register by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Many Congratulations!

Have a nice evening and mind whatever as it is still Friday 13th today… Be on guard for every eventuality!

* It did at US$ 53,01 as of 23:45 hrs tonight

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