Market losses widen; geopolitics a liability for all

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI falls further “thanks” to the Capers and the Geopolitical aspects in all fronts are going to rock Planet Ocean; John Faraclas daily recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry index) lost 28 points since yesterday and now reads 886 – below the 900 threshold; CAUTION!

The volatile Capers which dominates and affects the main index lost a triple digit, 113 points and the BCI 2014 now stands at 1,466, 34 points below another important “barrier”, that of 1,500 points. ULTRA CAUTION!

The Panamaxes “saved” the day with the expected two points plus, given that yesterday its losses were controlled at minus eight… and the BPI reads 964 points.

In red the Supras, minus six and the BSI now stands at 708 points.

A further five points drop for the Handies with the BHSI now reading 432 points

All in all a very strange dry market; all await to see what the New Chinese Year brings and if the Rooster can change things to the better. As have stressed in the past but also yesterday, one needs to see this “extra” 1,500 points so that the market does make sense and become a viable so to speak market

The Wets; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 995 – minus two, and 624 – plus five respectively.

The WTI, as these lines are written,  is a bit up and  stands at US$ 53,19 – not good at all as the masses worldwide suffer…

The Containerships continue to be a major issue and all will be settled – for “good” or for worse after we see Donald Trump’s trade policy.-

LNG and LPG could see some better days, but it is still early days.

The Geopolitical front continues to shake Planet Ocean deep down the Mariana Trench…:

The MIGRANTS as always on top, particularly in Europe.

The Astana discussions haven’t convinced us of any Peace deal coming through, instead, expect more mess. Guarantors are guarantors, so what…. Both the Syrian and Iraqi saga with the additional long-standing issues of Turkey on Kurdistan, Armenia and a few more Caucuses issues might ignite a multi war there. Russia tries its best for its own vested geopolitical interests.

Turkey, deep down our conscience plays a hard poker game, but… Turkey continues to pester all nations around her frontiers. It is not to accept giving in land etc etc, it is to accept that Turks are all together in the wrong place.  Being new kids in the block, meaning people only one thousand years in the region, do not have any respect whatsoever for reality and athropogeography!

In Cyprus being a minority and an occupying force  for 43 years they (Turks) continue, thanks to their backers and only their backers to challenge international law.

Albania too is beginning to raise doubts whether it should be accepted in the various European and defence bodies, given despicable demands and actions against the Greeks.

The Middle East also might get off hand soon…

Greece, very simply, MUST get rid of both its debt – the biggest scam in human history planned by basically the inhumane Germans and a few others and also get rid of all these 300 current politicians whose only interest is power and corruption, corruption coupled with ethics against the Greek public. GREXIT now! An Aristos team as we have proposed many times is the only solution.

A BREXIT “hiccup” today with respect when article 50 should be triggered; hte decision by 8 vs. 3 in the High Court will now open more debates, but the Prime Minister said: BRXIT mans BREXIT.  So, those who have created all this mess must leave here and now. The verdict of the people who voted is for a  BREXIT, end of the story! We strongly support BREXIT being the only good thing to happen in the long run for the benefit of the entire United Kingdom. It is the will of the people, otherwise it wasn’t necessary to call a referendum.-

We are closely watching the four or so elections to take place in the Mighty Continent – Germany, France, Italy…

In Italy the drama from the avalanche continues; pity! The helicopter crash, not connected with the avalanche, killing six was more than a disaster, given that it was sent to save a skier!

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump is revamping the entire USA in all fronts. We closely watch developments, particularly those involving World Trade and Security!

China continues to upset the region in South China Sea, but this time the USA will not remain indifferent; president Trump will go for it – and that’s the best thing to do, as China is at odds with everybody in the region.

That’s all for the time being, more later on; the night is still young…

From the presentation

From the presentation

Following our previous coverage in Greece, another excellent illustrated presentation in English with Greek Translation on Ancient Thouria – Dea Syria Temple at the Friends Room of the Hellenic Centre in London. where the speakers presented the Ancient Thouria coins circulation series focusing on topics of ancient sociology and the presence of the one and only found temple of the Levante Goddess in the area. we will revert later on with a full account!

Tomorrow’s a big days with the Marine Money London Forum!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality.

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