A Capers “market” with consequences; geopolitics a concern…

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John Faraclas

The BDI was up 13 points at 1,112 with the “support” from the Capers. The wets in the …dry…  Geopolitics are a major concern. John Faraclas’ daily report:

The Capers’ BCI 2014 continue to rise; this time at 1,929 – up 86 points, in a very asymmetrical sequence. Time will tell, hopefully very soon, the real reasons of the Capers’ upturn…

The Panamaxes saw its BPI losing 22 points and now it reads 1,185…

Supras’ BSI were up just two points at 877…

The Handies’ BHSI enjoys, after a long time, the 500 point mark with three points reaching 502!!!

So, once again, it is all thanks to the Capers… CAUTION though as one size doesn’t constitute a market.

The Wets remained more or less the same; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 850 – same as yesterday and 642 – plus two respectively.

The price of WTI fell below the US$ 48 mark, now reading US$ 47,84; good news for the poor!!!

Containers could be a good investment subject you have a great design to built!

LNG’s is a must! I guess the need for LNG might change a lot to the better!

Caution on passenger and cruise ships due to the geopolitical uncertainty, wars and terrorism looming around. We read the news today and indeed we are concerned, but we must also ensure we fully safeguard ships, ports and terminals. That applies also for all ships and all ports and terminals. Hijacking too is …in the pipeline, given an attack on a UAE vessel with Sri Lankese crew off the Somali coast… we are awaiting for further news . it was the first incident there since 2012. Ultra caution!

Many owners with cash available proceed with good buys; every type of ship, second hand or newbuilding is for sale at a low price; the best  buyers’ market ever witnessed!

Finally, we are still missing 1,000 points from the BDI and until this happens, don’t count your eggs… Remember: the December 2013 level is the guide fro a buoyant market!

The Geopolitical front maintains the same level of uncertainty and fear that things in many instances can go for a messy outcome.

MIGRANTS still on top with BREXIT as per yesterday’s analysis.

Still fighting in Syria and Iraq with ISIS and others and wonder when the major powers agree for ending the hostilities.

Turkey’s behaviour in all fronts proves what we always maintain: no way to accept such a country in Europe and in particular in the European Union, no matter how long the European Union will exists given the various EXITs in the pipeline – BREXIT, GREXIT, NEXIT, FREXIT, ITEXIT and so on…  Turkey’s Erdogan must come down to his senses before he comes down to his knees…

In Greece the situation is pretty much the same; expect an unexpected major upheaval… No reforms, no change, unsustainable debt… what’s the remedy then… Meantime the Greek flag has been decreased to position three, with respect the preference; the Marshall Islands take the lead followed by Liberia. We shall know more details very soon.

Messy French elections with Fillon under investigation… expect surprises in the French presidential elections.

Thousand of weapons were found in Spain destined for Spain, France and Belgium; trafficking …at its best but also congrats to the Spanish authorities finding 40,000 plus weapons and other ammunition…

The European Court of Justice latest ruling on headscarf will ignite further issues… Simplicity please! In Rome do as the Romans; end of the story!

BREXIT continues and it is more than wise to watch all happenings…

In the Far East, Chinese reboot their propaganda…

Wonder what’s next on the nude pics in the US Marines. Females will counter on this; just wait and see… Meantime the bad weather continues and another snowstorm is making its presence, unfortunately, felt… President Trumps tapping allegations will continue to make headlines, unless somebody with special powers gives an end to all these so we know what really and if same happened… We shall see…

Terrible things in Vera Cruz in Mexico; over 250 skulls found…

In Africa now, Libyan general Khalifa Haftar retakes some oil ports and terminals. The third Libyan power struggle now starts. Brace for the outcome… East or West winning or a new country will be reborn there…

On another tone, a great roundtable luncheon took place today at Grosvenor House Fitzroy suite with Barbados introducing better investment opportunities. This international business and wealth management roundtable event proved very beneficial for all attending. Excellent presentations by Kenneth Campbell, director for investment promotion in Invest Barbados – a great welcome with an excellent video too; Way Fields’ paper on “Wealth Management opportunities in Barbados” and Senator’s Darcy Boyce short but very important speech on “Introduction to the Barbados Jurisdiction for International Business”. Interesting discussions as well as questions and a great Thank you note from Barbados’ High Commissioner Mr. Guy Hewitt. Will revert with a full account on the event… Excellent!

That’s all for tonight; continue to be on guard for every eventuality.

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