Falling Markets and dangerous Geopolitics

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John Faraclas

The fall continued today both for the Dry and the Wets; the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 13 points and now stands at 1,134. On the Geopolitical front things are getting all over Planet Ocean sour and let’s hope diplomacy is resurrected. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers were the only size with a plus symbol; the BCI 2014 gained eight points and now reads 1,798 points.

The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 60 points reading 1,260 points…

The Supras’ BSI down 11 at 870 and the

Handies’ BHSI down seven at 569 points complete the bleak picture; CAUTION!

The Wets suffered minimal losses; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 797 and 637 – down five and nine points respectively…

Many transactions, many take overs,  still many new orders and there are voices of CAUTION from all sides of the equilibrium, but… One thing that emerged yesterday and today talking to many specialists and experienced people in the field, particularly from the owners side, is that the market, following the all-time low last year, emerged “stronger” in a very short period of time, bringing together the wrong optimism and same can be seen from the latest three months ups and downs; we shall see, but we too advise CAUTION!

The price of WTI as these lines are written stood at US$ 49, 65 with a tendency to fall further… That’s good news for the poor masses all over the world as poverty continues despite the figures we see published… as it is like the GDP and the per capita income figures which do not represent at actual situation and condition for all people in any nation worldwide; it is just figures… Same applies also for the market’s freight rates: irrespective of the rate the issue is how indebted the vessel is with her loan and how its amortisation “works” – check it and let us have your view. This applies for both listed and non-listed companies…

The Liner Trade need more consolidation and appropriate ethical price-fixing… The Box trade, being part of the Liner Trade needs correction and we observe CAUTION…

In the Geopolitical front the issues remain the same:

Top issue the MIGRANTS… SHAME to all for the ongoing situation and loss of life!!!

The Wars in Syria and northern Iraq continue and unless we see a full ground forces’ synchronised attack against the ISIS things might spread. The USA must do this in cooperation with Russia. Islamist terrorists are gaining ground and quite wisely Putin wish to see an end there as his southern central Asia frontier is all bordered by Islam nations with projected grave troubles there. People should wake up and stop being short-sighted. Israel should indeed protect its self but with ultra-caution not to trigger a wider mess.

Turkey too, in a multitude of ways gets involved as Erdogan sees himself as the leader of Islam and will create havoc in the entire region. His attitude in the Syrian saga, the Kurdish issue and the Aegean Sea pestering of Greeks and Europe MUST END. He is THE dangerous component of Peace! His backers must end this despicable situation; enough!

Greece continues to be torn-up between its lenders, a despicable situation and with the issues in the Balkans – FYROM about to explode if logic doesn’t rule the day… the Albanian issue for greater Albania and other local claims ….and eastern Mediterranean with the Aegean issues that Turkey brings up all the time, the Cyprus on going drama. Very simply: The Eastern Med and the Balkans are Tragedies Series in the TV of life; expect the episodes to continue for the foreseeable future in and via many channels too…SHAME!!! We do NOT want to write in the future how right we are in referring to these issues and the super powers and others to turn a blind eye; it will backfire…

In France, expect mess whatever the result. Say that Macron wins, but what about the Prime Minister to be??? Germany gets sideways involved and others too… Marine Le Pen will do her best to destroy the rotten French political elite and establishment who recently appointed Macron to lead… Expect surprises…

Next door In Germany, Mrs. Merkel flexes her muscles; the end result though is what counts… and what it serves…

Italy’s economy and banking system in dire straits.

BREXIT continues and as said same is coupled, interwoven let’s say with the forthcoming elections on the 8th of June. Mrs. May enjoys a great popularity, possibly the best ever over the last forty years by any other British leader – Mrs. T or Mr. B lack far behind!!!!! The Europeans though headed by Mrs. Merkel will fight to defend their position vis-à-vis the relation Mrs. May looks forward to, at all costs. Nothing though can stop her and be the winner given two issues: the Commonwealth factor – a big plus, and the Trade including Shipping, capabilities of the United Kingdom that count most! London is the administrative capital of Shipping with whatever this entails, end of the story.-  A bit of an alert earlier on today with a man arrested at the junction of Parliament Street and Parliament Square as part of a security operation; the man was detained on suspicion on terrorism and knives were found in the scene. A woman in Willesden, London, was shot by police and others arrested there as well as in other addresses – one being in Kent. Thanks to the Police and Security Services immediate response that foil these incidents and terrorists actions.

The rest of Europe is also in tatters; the Mighty Continent crumbles, disintegrates…

In the FarEast now:  North Korea continues to pose a threat for all; let’s hope president Trump is right with his view that China’s Xi can help there. The issue is too complicated in our humble view; watch it! Meantime, as the two leaders convene for the North Korean leaders’ madness with threats, the South China Sea issue MUST be solved as same will greatly affect the sea lanes and conversely shipping

Trump’s 100 days as president should go out on TV – very controversial but let’s hope he does his best not only for the American people, but for all in Planet Ocean. NAFTA is still bothering him…. Will he scrap it or renegotiate??? Canada and Mexico have a case to answer… As things stand now, the Wall with Mexico and its cost in particular looks as being scrapped…. We shall see…

In South America now; Capriles – opposition leader in Venezuela, thinks that a snap general election will solve all Nicolas Maduros’ problems which destroying the country. A very tensed fortnight has gone, expect more; CAUTION!

More news from the rest of the world tomorrow in our weekly recap to keep you busy for the long weekend with the Bank Holiday here and the worldwide First of May celebrations – and demos…

Have a nice evening AND be on guard from any eventuality by Pirates at sea – all over the seven seas, and Terrorists!

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